The Tale of Priscilla

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The Tale of Priscilla Lamnidae

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Jonathan Lucas stepped onto the bawn. It had been a week or two since being rescued from Pentex, and he had finally fully healed. Movement was still a little stiff, and while he wouldn't admit it, every step ached. Reaching the center, he stopped and looked at the gathered Sept.

"Thank you all for coming. We've been through a lot, these past few months. In the chaos of the facility and healing the Broken Lands, we haven't had time to recognize the accomplishments of our people. So, I'm taking a moment now to tell the tale, and hope that my being a theurge doesn't ruin it completely.". A few scattered laughs followed the last comment, and Jonathan smiled briefly.

"A little over a week ago, I had the priviledge of introducing a member of Rokea society to our Sept Alphas. Priscila Lamnidae, kinfolk of my people, came to visit me here in Columbus. She came to update me on a dire situation taking place overseas. While those not guarding the Broken Lands recouped, enjoying a long overdue rest, Priscilla shared the recent information she had gathered with me.".

"In an undisclosed location, an oil rig long thought shut down, began functioning again. In the waters beneath it, areas sacred to our people were discovered corrupted. Priscilla had gone to investigate, and had returned with information vital to restoring Gaia to this area.".

"As we spoke, we were attacked by several men in heavy assault gear. Using weapons designed to capture and contain, Priscilla and I were drugged and taken. When I next awoke, we were in a scientific research facility, complete with a lab. I watched through bleary eyes as Priscillia was strapped to a table, along with several other kinfolk.".

Jonathan paused, the memory rushing back. He took a few deep breaths, forcing the remembered rage down. Clearing his throat, he continued.

"Thinking her asleep, the lab techs and security took their time hooking Priscilla in. In this moment, neglect became her ally, as her eyes opened. Seeing the situation and reacting quickly, Priscilla grabbed a scalpel with her unrestrained right hand and slashed the security guard's neck. So surprised were her assailants, she was able to free herself and tackle to lab tech. She dispatched him quickly, turning her attention to a rising security guard.".

"The cut should have finished him, but green blood poured from the closing wound. Realising the worst, her eyes locked on the emblem on his chest. Pentex First Team, an elite fomor, pulling itself back together. As the bastard's wounds healed, Priscilla rushed him and gifted the Wyrm creature with many more oppurtunities to heal.".

"Calling on the rage of her people, Priscilla unleashed a fury the likes of which I had never seen. She slashed and stabbed, taking out anger and calling on her will to survive. Unable to assist me, she turned her attention to arming herself. Deep within enemy territory and outgunned, Priscilla took the armor and weapons off the First Team corpse. She made her way out of the lab, working her way through hallways. As the alarm sounded, regular security forces rushed to intercept her.".

"The building became alit with activity, as it responded to her escape. Men in ballistic gear, armed with automatic weapons, ran through the building. Utilizing her own speed and cunning, Priscilla made her way through the building and located the main security center. She moved determination, gunning down any security forces attempting to stop her. Knowing the lives of her kin and the kinfolk rest on her shoulders, she entered the security room. Seeing the Sept had arrived outside, she quickly disarmed the security system, disabling cameras, magnetic locks and electrified fences. Seeing the defenses fall, the Sept rushed in.".

"Knowing they were still outmatched, and needing to return for the kinfolk, Priscilla again took to enemy infested halls. Anyone that ran, she let flee. Anyone that attacked, she returned to the earth. She received several wounds in the exchange, and her attacks drew the armed forces to her instead of engaging the Sept's forces.".

"In the halls, she was met by Rusty and another. They assisted her to her feet, and she informed them of the situation. Taking a moment to catch her breath, Priscilla returned to the battle.".

Jonathan sighed, rubbing his temples as the memories flooded in.

"Were it not for her swift thinking and action, we would have lost the night. And I know that I would be gone. I owe her my life. So I want all gathered to know her story. Know that the deeds of others who participated in that fight will be told another time.".

"I, Jonathan Lucas, deeded the Eye of Altamaha-ha of the Shallows, speak these words as truth. Let those gathered and the spirits in attendance hear these words, and carry them on. Priscilla Lamnidae is a credit to her people, and I am honored to call her kin.".

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