The Unicorn Guard

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Formed in the wake of the decision to call for Unicorn’s aid against the Plague in the second quarter of 2019, The Unicorn Guard contains members of the Children of Gaia and those seen as trustworthy who are tasked with maintaining the safety of Unicorn and her brood. The Unicorn Guard welcomes members from all walks of life and with any skillset, every little helps as Damage Control would say. Their initial task is their primary focus, and set to last for a year and a day, but when that is done, it is a certainty that Damage Control will find another purpose for the faction to set their sights upon.


For the next year or so, the purpose of The Unicorn Guard is simple and straightforward: to ensure that Unicorn and her brood remain safe in their slumber. Whether through direct protection in the form of patrolling the Umbra and standing guard at her castle, or by ferrying supplies to those stood guard, or even scouting the Umbra and material realm for potential threats. The Unicorn Guard are there to ensure the slumber of the Tribal Incarna and her brood is safe and undisturbed.

TUGHS.png Damage Control - Leader and Co-Founder
TUGHS.png Verity Apple Willow - Co-Founder
TUGHS.png Three-Step - Guard
TUGHS.png Azumi Akahoshi - Guard
TUGHS.png Solomon Savage - Guard
TUGHS.png Frost on Branch - Guard
TUGHS.png Refuses to Fall - Guard
TUGHS.png Takes the Wings of the Morning - Like, whatever capacity, man. Totally down for Theurge-y things.

Requirements to join are to either be a member of the Children of Gaia Tribe OR to possess the Tribe Affinity Merit and have taken a Children of Gaia Gift as the Affinity bonus. You will need to join this Google Group for the purpose of information sharing and faction co-ordination, please ensure you use a Gmail email address to link to the group as it doesn’t seem to do well linking to non-Gmail addresses. Please also ensure you check the mail settings to ensure that you do receive emails sent to the group, either one email per message or as a daily digest.

There is NO restriction on Rank for joining, though Cubs may require the go-ahead from their local Den Parent. Kinfolk may also be part of this Faction and assist the efforts as necessary, logistically or short-lived Umbral trips to assist those posted at Unicorn’s Castle. There are also no additional requirements for helping, but knowing what you are good at will ensure a healthy mix of people guarding the Castle.

To coincide with the purpose of the Faction, members will be required to use a Google Form (Shared on the Group) to send downtime actions to support the cause of The Unicorn Guard. The form is set so that the aaNST Concordat of Stars and the aNST Apocalypse both get the responses. The idea will be that the Faction needs to submit a combined total of downtime actions each month to ensure the safety of Unicorn and her Brood. If a member needs to commit their downtime actions elsewhere, they should let the Faction know via the Google Group so appropriate cover can be provided. It will not be necessary for all members to submit one action every month in order to cover, so people will still have the ability to downtime as normal, and others can cover in the event of someone having commitments elsewhere.