The Vineyard

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The Resolution of the Vineyard

  • Resolved into Law by Doyen Adamo Giovanni, of Clan Giovanni
  • Martha’s Vineyard and the Islands are the Territory of the Giovanni Family. Any Kindred, not of Giovanni blood, found in said Territory without proper Invitation shall be hunted as Trespasser.

The Giovanni Compound:

  • In 1700 the Giovanni Family settled upon Martha's Vineyard. Using a combination of influence, prestation, and brute force they became the dominant clan upon the Island.
  • The Mansion is extremely well protected; Guards patrol its physical borders, and dead Family Members protect the Compound in the Shadowlands.
  • The only kindred welcome on the Vineyard are those with explicit invitation from the Giovanni family.
  • The Family has been known to hold diplomatic and political meetings on the Island. The Arbiter oversees any necessary Contracts resulting from such private negotiations.

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The Giovanni Necropolis:

the following Giovanni are believed to have somewhat permanent space within the Compound:
  • Don Adamo Giovanni
  • Hatchet Abraham Rothstein Giovanni de Bardi
  • Gregario di Lothario Giovanni de Bardi
  • The Arbiter


The Giovanni Compound

Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent Alliance
Domain: Boston
Player Contact: Chris R.
VST Contact: Graham R. (iVST)