Thea Tadros

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Osip Ugor-Zhilov

Thea Tadros
Thea Tadros


Clan: Followers of Set
Sect: Unaligned


Cincinnati, OH

Known Associates

Numerius, Unaligned Follower of Set
Eustace, Unaligned
Elder Price, Anarch Follower of Set

OOC Information

Sect: Unaligned
Domain: Cincinnati
Player: Julia G

Notable Traits and Style

Thea's allure begins with her eyes. They are overwhelming, alien...divine. Her crimson hair is interwoven with golden snakes that may or may not be living. She dresses in modern adaptations of Mediterranean and North African styles.

Rumors and Quotes

  • She once turned a Gargoyle to stone with her stare.
  • She is descended from Gorgon
  • In her haven stands a pillar of salt.


  • 97 - Thea travels to modern day Egypt and begins a mystery cult of the Medusa. She travels around North Africa extensively.
  • 692 - Thea meets Numerius. She moves her cult to Alexandria and begins traveling with him.
  • 1841 - She comes across a mercenary in the employ of her old friend Numerius called "Squid"
  • 1850 - Squid joins her in her travels as a trusted adviser and bodyguard

Created by: Greg G