Thelonious Regulus

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IC Info

Thelonious Furius Regulus


Notable Traits

  • Regal
  • Staunch Camarilla advocate
  • Loyal Elder of House Everard
  • Confident


  • "Keiseren kan sitte på tronen, men senaten holder dolkene. Han vil gjøre det bra å huske at en konges sanne kraft ligger i sitt folk." -Olaf
  • "Elder Thelonious is, more than anything, a man who understands moderation. Be too harsh, and they flee. Be too soft, and they walk over you. He knows just where that sweet middle of the road is so that nobody wants to run, but they also don't dare think to cross him. Lucky me, he's on my side." - Simon Flint
  • "Um... Ventrue. Yeah." - Payback
  • "Elder Regulus is an inoffensive Seneschal. He takes his role quite seriously, but I do wonder what he gains from being perceived as- by turns- Prince Baanard's lapdog or his puppeteer." - Felix Winchester
  • "It's a shame to see such a clever and charming elder wrapped in ice as he is. I'd give a major to anyone that could prove that man can still smile." - Vivienne Stanwyck
  • "Run bitches! Like Captain Killjoy is all like coming to the rescue again. Like, why is he always ruining our fun?" - Karma
  • "Theloni-what-the-shit? He's problem number one in this fucking town, and the REAL reason why everyone's jumping around playing politics. Fucking Ventrue.." - Turmoil
  • "He may have soft hands, but he does get his hands dirty. Like turd dirty." - Payback
  • "Sometimes his shadow is larger than him. Sometimes he is larger than his shadow. I dont know why they are never the right size.." - Gabriel Kole
  • "He seems always politely at prayer when I am around. He prays so quietly and peacefully that I dare not interject." - Enzo DuBois
  • "Yes, sir. Sorry, sir. Yes, sir. Language." - Tamara Rose Linden
  • "My sire is a man of few words, but I can not be grateful enough that fate has granted me a teacher such as him." - Rosemary Cypress
  • "My favorite four words to hear from a client - Price is no object." - Charles Blaine
  • "Leave a quote!" - Name


  • Thelonious is more devious than he lets on
  • He disbelieves the existence of emotion
  • His desire for power trumps all other needs
  • Never sign one of his contracts they will cost you more then an arm and a leg.

Allies: Always looking for friends and connections

Antagonists: Also looking for enjoyable conflict

Of the Blood: Of House Everard

OOC Info
Thelonious Furius Regulus

Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Seneschal of Austin
Domain: Austin, TX
Player: Lucas Clendenen US2010066080
VST: Austin VST

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