Theodore "Teddy" Alexander Millner Giovanni IV

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Theodore "Teddy" Alexander Millner Giovanni IV

Status: Kindred (alive)

Clan: Giovanni - Millner

Sect: Independent Alliance

Sire: Theodore Alexander Millner Giovanni III (deceased)

Boss: Aureliano Giovanni

Office: Louisiana State University and A&M College


  • 1920 - Ghouled by Theodore Alexander Millner III
  • 1972 - Embraced

Notable Traits

  • Connected - Teddy knows who's who and what's what in Baton Rouge and uses his influence to manage entire parts of the state
  • Impulsive - Teddy sometimes acts irrationally with bursts of anger or panic.
  • Mr. Big Spendaaaa! - Like all Giovanni, Teddy is wealthy and being used to his affluence is known to throw his wealth around.


  • Hunted? - Teddy may have a few unwanted guests as staff members at LSU. How unfortunate if they were given more power!
  • Rumor here.


  • "Teddy has a nervous twitch about him, but underneath the anxiety is a mastermind directing the kine." - Matteo Rinaldo Giovanni
  • "You know, I enjoy Teddy. We're usually the ones cleaning up the messes and it's nice to have someone to rant to." - Sofia Giovanni
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OOC Information

Player: Jacob Patrick

Storyteller: Kaci St. Romain

Location: Baton Rouge, LA