Theodore "Teddy" Delancey

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Theodore "Teddy" Delancey

Deed Name: "Walks with Wisdom"

Breed: Homid

Rank: Arcas (1)(Ragabash)

Notable Traits:

Homid: A small sip of water of 18 year old kid. 5 foot and change with a bit of a stocky build, often exaggerated by the loose fitting clothes he wears. Usually in a pair of jeans and a nerdy t-shirt. Hoodies and flannel during the colder weather. Constantly on his phone, usually on his Tumblr ( . #Cublife

Crinos: Seen by exactly one person in the Sept. Let's just say that the fox is right when he said that they get tall.

Ursine: Has yet to be seen within the Sept

Society: Fera

Pack: The Tower

Sept: Sept of the Fallen Green


Teddy Delancey is new in town.

He says that his first change happened in upstate New York. In a big-named small town called Valhalla. Back in November of 2016, after the election. He doesn't talk about what happened then, or what he did during it. He seems to know, it seems to bother him. Obviously this was as much of a surprise for him as with everyone else involved.

After that, he locked himself away in his bedroom and taught himself on how to control the change methodically, the tempo of scientific method keeping him calm enough to get through the turmoil of this new strength. It was 4 months of quiet hypothesizing and experimenting, hiding away and making excuses for broken furniture to his parents. He still hasn't told them, and while people have said that maybe they did know something, Teddy was absolutely, positively sure that his nickname was a coincidence.

He lives in Brooklyn now, a subway ride away from NYU, where he takes his classes. The Sept is uncomfortable with his student commute, they've told him it was dangerous, that he was going to get himself killed. They say that if it were an issue of money, that would be no problem, but that isn't it. School is the only thing that gets Teddy out of his apartment almost every day, and he wouldn't know what to do with himself without the routine. Many kids in the city get by without an education, but Teddy is not one of those kids.

Teddy majors in biology and psychology, dabbling in a computer engineering elective or two, with the workload and the intelligence to match. He doesn't have any plans for a career yet, but at the moment he's getting a lot of hands-on training, being the closest thing to a scientist the Sept has got.


  • "He's hiding something. Nobody, especially a Gurahl, can possibly be this nervous. Grumpy, sure, Russian, probably, but not nervous."
  • "He can't be from New York, where the fuck do you find bears in New York?"
  • "Gurahl hibernate, right? It's possible that this kid knows more than he's letting on. Think about it, he could easily have slept through all our bullshit and then come back all, 'Hurr-durr I don't know what's going on be nice to me'"



"Wait, does being a Gurahl make me a model minority?" - During a discussion of "#garouprivilege"

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OOC Information

Player: Oliver Hong

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Storyteller: Jonathan Christensen

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Location: NYC