Theodore Blair-Tantalou

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Tribe: Black Fury
Sept: Sept of the Fallen Green
Breed: Kinfolk



Player: Ilan N
Member #: US2010096642
Storyteller: John C
Coordinator: Abby Estes
Other PCs: Kyle Morgan - VtM, Nour - Space


  • 1976: Born to an Adren Black Fury mother and a kinfolk father as their first child. Named Theodore Blair.
  • 1983: Mother becomes an Athro.
  • 1991: Mother becomes an Elder.
  • 1992: Meets and begins to date Lydia Tantalou, a young Cliath Black Fury.
  • 1993: Youngest siblings are born - Jo Blair and Marylin Blair.
  • 1994: Marries and becomes the mate of Lydia, now a Fostern of the Nation, and takes her last name, moving his own to a middle name.
  • 1997: Moves with Lydia to NYC for her Adren quest.
  • 1998: Has first child, Melody Tantalou.
  • 1999: Joins the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation to try to start climbing the ranks.
  • 2000: Has second child, Bryan Tantalou.
  • 2004: Has third child, Alexis Tantalou.
  • 2009: The Fall of the Green - Lydia was leading the opening of the Caern when a Thunderwyrm literally erupted underneath her feet. She fought and died that night. Theo, along with the rest of the kinfolk, were rushed to safety.
  • 2009: Theo falls into a deep depression. He focuses on protecting his children over all else, and begins to drink in secret. He interacts less with the Garou members of the Sept, focusing only on his duties instead of his friendships.
  • 2014: Theo begins to go to therapy. He reluctantly goes, and begins to process his grief. It is a slow and painful process.
  • 2018: Theo becomes the new Commissioner of the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation.


Theo is in his early 40's, but his brown hair has already started to go gray at the temples. Standing at 5'10", he has what one might call a "dad bod." He usually wears sensible khakis and button-ups that are suitable for both the the office and the outdoors, as well as glasses. He always wears two wedding rings on a chain around his neck.

Theo has a soothing, kind personality, though his sense of humor tends toward the dry and sardonic if you get to know him. He is generally patient, and is something of a traditionalist when it comes to Garou society.



Jo Fay-Blair, Let the Daylight In - Sister Vera Fay-Blair - Sister-In-Law Marylin Jean Blair, Flirts with Danger - Sister


Dr. Marcus Smith



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Theo: Passenger Seat

When you feel embarrassed
Then i'll be your pride
When you need directions
Then i'll be the guide
For all time.

Lydia Tantalou: Hurts Like Hell

I loved, and I loved and I lost you
I loved, and I loved and I lost you
I loved, and I loved and I lost you
And it hurts like hell
Yeah, it hurts like hell