Theresa "Rees" Constantine "Akupāra"

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Theresa "Rees" Constantine "Akupāra"

Notable Traits: deceased

Pack: Veteran Victors

Society: Concordat of Stars

Sept: no sept


Raised as the child of Children of Gaia kin in the 1960s, Rees held the New Age tribal philosophies of her childhood close to her heart even through the Apocalypse. She joined the Veteran Victors in the early 1980s, embracing the ban of Skunk to always seek nonviolent avenues for dealing with the enemy. This led to her decades-long battle to win the hearts and minds of people to environmentalism, the campaign for Gaia's health. For decades, Rees was the driving personality behind the annual Earth Day Festival at Spring Mills State Park in Mitchell, Indiana.


  • Rees makes it her business to protect Spring Mill State Park near Mitchell.
  • She's the real driver behind annual Earth Day celebrations in Mitchell, Indiana.
  • Someone's been going after "Rees" really hard, trying to make her the fall man for the destruction of the Contech Engineered Solutions branch in Mitchell, Indiana.
  • The recent criminal scandal surrounding "Akupāra" isn't a setup at all... it's just her corrupted deeds catching up with her.
  • She was killed by a group called "Mitchell's Men," one of whom delivered her head right to her packmate in his coffee shop in a box with a note that read, "ONE DOWN."

OOC Information

Player: NPC

Storyteller: VST IN-013-D Bloomington

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Location: Bloomington, IN