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  • Alternative Names: Uta Kovacs
  • Embrace date: 1030 CE
  • Generation: 5th Generation
  • Clan: Tremere
  • Sire: Goratrix
  • Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
  • Current Location: Rome
  • ST Point of Contact:Karl Fox - Lineage Project

Physical Description

Therimna is an impressively tall Scandinavian woman with braided strawberry blonde hair. Her soft blue eyes carry the pain and determination of centuries, but she moves with the smooth gait of a predator. She has always dressed in armor which has evolved over the centuries from leather to chain to platemail, and, in modern nights, to kevlar. Her hands end in permanent claws, and she has a peculiar habit of always having something in her hand, be it a weapon, pen, or other small object.

Brief History

A member of an autonomous Flemish collective, Therimna fought to defend her country from expansion until Goratrix sensed magical potential in her and gifted her with the Embrace. She took quickly to alchemy and soon discovered a potion that would break the blood bond, earning her infamy within the Tremere. She, through the centuries, pursued the mysteries of the Clan's true purpose. She has served on more tribunals than any other Tremere on record. She is seen as a ruthless counterweight to magical stagnation, believing scientific and thaumaturgical advancements should be embraced and built upon. Her zealousness is rumored to be a result of her own near-death experience when she diablerized down to 5th Generation.

Current Status

Therimna is said to exist on the outskirts of Rome.

Known Childer

Lineage Criteria

Time Frame for Embraces: 1080 CE to 1700 CE Requirements:

  • PC Sects/Factions: Camarilla
  • Path: Any.
  • Skills: Either Investigation or Occult at 4+
  • Special: Mental Primary. Childer will have more Mental Traits than any other category.


  • Special: Childer should possess the Merit: Talisman or Countermagic
  • Special: Therimna expects those in her lineage to contribute, do so with public adherence to the Will of the Pyramid, and very obviously forswear Goratrix.

Privileged Information

The following is available to PCs with the appropriate Lore Specialty of: "Tremere"

  • Lord 4, Europe (Rome), Societatis Politiks et Religio


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