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Physical Description

Thetmes may not have the most physically imposing stature, but the constant scowl on his weathered face puts his opponents on edge. He is slightly short for a man of his deadly reputation, his musculature subtle rather than overbearing, but his body is covered in scars from his gladiator days and he displays them proudly as trophies of those who underestimated him as a mortal.

Brief History

As a mortal, he was a soldier in Ptolemy's army fighting against Cleopatra and her Roman allies. When Ptolemy fell, the gladiatorial games became popular and Thetmes the Egyptian, proved himself well as a fearsome gladiator who won the attention of Sha’hiri, who often left the Mountain to search the ranks of the gladiators for prospective childer. Stories of Thetmes ferociousness in battle attracted Sha’hiri, who was more of a tactician than a warrior, and Thetmes was eager for his embrace; his loyalty and dedication to the Warrior Caste impressed his sire. However, Thetmes himself would be disappointed by his sire’s actions when in 1496 CE, the leaders of the three Castes (the Du’at) found Sha’hiri guilty of bringing the shame of the Treaty of Tyre on the Clan. Sha’ari committed ritual suicide to expiate his shame. In 1497 CE, Thetmes became the Caliph (leader of the Warrior Caste) when Jamal assumed the Black Throne. As a non-believer of Allah, Thetmes had always been at odds with Jamal (who was a devout Muslim). Eventually Jamal promoted Thetmes’s childer, Elijah Ahmed (another Muslim), to Caliph and demoted Thetmes, returning him to lead the Web of Knives. Upon ur-Shulgi’s awakening, Elijah Ahmed was killed because, like Jamal, he refused to abandon his faith.

Current Status

Thetmes remains in Alamut, where he leads the Web of Knives. He is the current Caliph and sits on the Du’at for the Warriors.

Known Childer

Qusay ibn Namdar

Lineage Criteria

Time Frame for Embraces:

  • 300 CE to 1100 CE


  • PC Sects/Factions: Unaligned - Mountain Loyal.
  • Path: Path of Blood
  • Skills: Must have any two of Athletics, Brawl, or Melee at 3 or higher.
  • Special: Thetmes is quick to reclaim the blood of those who fail him, though his plans are not always apparent. Those found acting against the Mountain, or failing on the Path of Blood, are given only one chance to correct their behavior. Thetmes does not believe in second chances.


  • Skills: Stealth 2+ and Occult 1+


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