Thomas "Gevurah" Sloane

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Thomas "Gevurah" Sloane

Notable Traits: ON a Path, Eerie Presence, Arcane, Angelic Apperance

Sect: Sabbat

Faction: Moderate

Pack: Saturnine Sigil

Clan: Lasombra


Thomas Sloane was born in London in the 1810’s and rose into the Middle Class by becoming a civic engineer and Mason. Sloane was Embraced by Raphael de Lara in the 1840's and vanished from the historical record for the next 50 years.

Sloane and de Lara are believed to have traveled throughout Western Europe throughout the early 1900's before appearing in the New World ahead of the Second World War. Sloane moved between settled Sabbat held Cities until the 1990s, earning the moniker "Gevurah" during this time.

"Gevurah" would lead the Southern Crusades from the vanguard, earning the nickname "Butcher of Birmingham" after a particularly bloody operation. He is known to have been present at the Fall of Atlanta.

After the Crusades ended "Gevurah" would found a Coven in Baltimore before moving the pack to Mexico City in 2002 and subsequently vanishing from the historical record for 15 years. "Gevurah" and his pack surfaced in Southern California, emerging from a grand temple to Caine, previously unnoticed by mortal and Cainite eyes.


  • Has been the found innocence of heresy by the Inquisition multiple times
  • Inspired the Futurist Manifesto
  • Collected the ashes of dead Camarilla title holders during the Southern Crusade
  • Was given the name "Gevurah" by a member of the Shepherds of Caine
  • Removes his eyes in order to follow the Path of Lightless Night
  • Killed two werewolves through sarcasm and mockery


  • "He is the best of me. All that I could offer this world" -Rafael de Lara
  • "The Butcher of Birmingham gives me the kinda chills I like. I could watch that man rip out eyes for hours. I have watched him do so, actually." - Johnny Bellamy

OOC Information

Player: Mat Segal

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Storyteller: Michael Jackson

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Location: Los Angeles, CA