Thomas "Shade Seeker" Whitington

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Name: Thomas Whitington

Deed Name: Shade Seeker

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Theurge

Tribe: Silent Striders

Rank: Adren

Notable Traits:

  • On his own very stoic, with eyes that have spent a long time peering into the Umbra.
  • Around his little sister he is softer and more expressive.
  • Looks like a Fianna.
  • Killed in the battle to rescue a Kinfolk Wraith from the clutches of a Vampire Necromancer

Pack: [[1]]

Society: None

Sept: Sept of the Hidden Spring

Born to a Fianna father and a Kinfolk mother. Both they and his extended family were killed by a group of Vampires when he was eleven. A Silent Strider kinfolk friend of his father's ,Johnathan Homes, was visiting at the time and was told to take Thomas and get him to safety. That night of terror resulted in his first change. The next day Uncle John took him down to the compound where the Silent Striders began his training in earnest and the Homes family welcomed him as one of their own.

Thomas began traveling before too long. Joining or taking any jobs he could talk someone into letting him go on that would slake his thirst for knowledge.


  • "What do you want to know about my big brother? I can tell you about the time he ran screaming out of his room because of a spider, or there was when he tried to this girl he liked her and farted in the middle of his speech now that was embarrassing. I have plenty more!" - Aria Homes
  • "I don't know him well, but I do know this: He's smart and level-headed. But the poor guy is outnumbered by idiots and powder kegs." - Cassie Mavros-Ruiz
  • "I've known Thomas almost as long as I've known anyone who is still alive in this world, the benefit of both having wandered too long under too many stars. But there is no one I trust more." - Shoulder's the Burden
  • "Seems to be critical of authority. I have no problem with him so far, but less cool heads might toss him on the challenge mound. All in all though, an asset to the Sept." Blood of Thor
  • "Lovely gentleman, didn't even mind my mistaking him for a Fianna." - Keeper of Ambrosia
  • "I admittingly neglected my pack in the past. My sister conviced me to come back to help where I can. I was worried about the kind of people I would find. From what I've seen of Thomas, though, I've made the right decision." - Pollie Mavros
  • "Good bye brother, someday may we find our way home." Aria Homes
  • "I didn't get to meet him really. But if he's Aria's brother, then he was probably legit." Jacob
  • "Is wolf-friend, maybe? Ekibyō-sha and Patches helped, yes-yes!" Ekibyō-sha
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  • He sleeps with a night light
  • His sister is hunting for his first real girlfriend
  • Poor guy is going to starve to death, anytime he tries to eat something, his sister takes a huge bite of it.
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Thomas "Shade Seeker" Whitington

Domain: Austin, TX
Player: Tyler S.
VST: John "Decker" Pool ]
MES Number: US2017070022
Location:Austin, TX