Thomas Bronson

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"Whether they love me or hate me, they respect me."

General Information

  • Aliases: Tricky Tom, but this is never said to his face
  • Clan: Ventrue
      • Dignitas:Esteemed
      • Titles:Knight of Blood
  • Social Standing: Ancilla

Lineage: "House Martel"


  • Open
    • Open

Known Timeline of Events

  • 1935 - Thomas and Reginald Bronson are born
  • 1950 - Thomas and Reginald commit their first acts of larceny together and injury a full grown police officer in the process.
  • 1955 - Thomas begins managing Reginald's bare knuckle boxing career and making bets to save up money.
  • 1960 - Thomas and Reginald own the entire south side underworld
  • 1962 - Most, if not all, of London's underworld in some way kicks up or answers to the Bronson Brothers.
  • 1963 - The brother's sire, Marcus Stratos takes notice and begins to follow and monitor them.
  • 1966 - The brothers are embraced. Initially only Thomas was to be embraced, but rumor says he convinced his sire to embrace both of them.
  • 1976 - The brothers pass their acquisition test from their sire and released from the accounting.
  • 1977 - The brothers start moving back into the underworld and start controlling things from behind the scenes.
  • 1980 - Thomas, while trying to gather debts owed to him and comes across a Lasombra who is running from the Sabbat to the Anarch movement.
  • 1983 - Decides he is going to use his skills to troubleshoot on the down low for other kindred
  • 2019 - The brothers move to Denver

Known to the Camarilla


  • The Bronson brothers were born from low economic standings and conquered their way to their current positions.
  • Thomas has a reputation for having a cruel streak of vengence against those whom disrespect him or his brother.
  • Thomas is a kindred of his word and has never welched on a deal; even to his detriment.
  • Thomas has been disciplined on more than one occasion for swearing.

Known to the Anarchs/Independents

  • The Bronson brothers are not to provoked if it can be avoided.
  • Thomas is much more likely to deal if you approach him with respect.
  • Their services are for sale to anyone who can pay.
  • The catch phrase "You want the best, than you pay for the best" has been associated with these Ventrue fixers.

Known Business Associates:

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Rumors and Revelations


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  • "Tommy and Reggie? Those gangsters from London? They've moved to Denver with the rest of Lancaster's court? You don't say? Hm. I wonder if we should roll out the red carpet. They're practically royalty, you know." - Ellie Rothstein
  • "With a view askew you might find the Bronson Brothers brash but after enough sand passes through the hourglass of your perspective you would find they are a necessary evil." - Elias Walker
  • "Some Capes? You just know they ain't never sat down and spoke with an Anarch before, not really, you feel me? Gotta say, although I'm usually happy to talk politics with anyone, you show me these two? Nah, I'd rather not be the first. They're seem like the sort who prove my point about Camarilla violence, you know what I mean?" - Cricket Crumb
  • "I mean, the whole Brujah and Ventrue rivalry is pretty cliché, but what can I say? These guys inspire me." - Baby


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  • Thomas has a pair of steel knuckles that say "Remember Carthage" across them. He says it is to remind upstart Brujah of their place.
  • Thomas brought an old friend of his from his donnybrook days back in London to help facilitate "business arrangements".

Out of Character Information

Player: Jayme Wooster

Location: Denver, CO

Storyteller: Raymond Bruells III

Tommy's Soundtrack

Character Ties

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