Thomas Hendrickson

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Thomas Hendrickson

General Information

Name: Andrew Fowler
Sect: Anarch Movement
Clan: Brujah
City: Dallas
Noteable Traits: His southern drawl is as ever present as his hip flask, the gun in his shoulder holster, and his rolled up sleeves.
Organizations: House Azarola ,

Personal History

Thomas was born and raised in the Appalachian hillside before moving down to Dallas for reasons of his own. After a brief but busy few months as Dallas' Ambassador, he then spent some time serving the movement as the Baron of Dallas. His past as a bootlegger has led to the start of several small successful businesses in the Dallas area but in recent months, he’s been noticably absent.

Rumors are, after being voted out of the Barony, he’s disappeared to other parts of the country, pursuing his own goals.


  • Hey, don't let me forget to call Thomas and let him know what happened and that I'm ok.... Penny Rodriguez
  • Él tiene problemas de ira, pero en general tiene buenas intenciones. ¡Espero que no rompa ningún otro tratado! - 'Samuel Jones
  • I really like him. I dunno why. Maybe cuz he’s charismatic? Or his accent? I dunno. But he does seem to have a handle everything delt to him. - 'Coby Hayes
  • D'homas, ain' a bad man, brash, and some'dime emo'dional. We gonna see how dem, roun' d'ese par' goin like him leadin'. Papa Beauxdon
  • Fool. Natalya Zabirov
  • You could have been great. You could have united the Tower in our city. But instead you had to be smug and short-tempered. A shame. Noah Bauer
  • Willing to die on a hill to plant his flag, just wish he could have focused that passion in a better place. Lorcan O'Shea

Rumors on the Streets

  • I hear he took the Barony by force and pressured the movement into voting for him.
  • He has connections to the leadership of half the sects in Texas
  • I hear he makes some pretty good whisky, even developed the stuff for us to drink.
  • I'd like to get behind him, but damn...something about his leadership I don't trust.
  • He died a death worthy of a Brujah. Whoever took him down made sure of it.

Thomas Hendrickson

Clan: Brujah
Sect: Anarch Movement
Domain: Lone Star Nights (TX-058-D)
Player: Andrew Fowler

Name: Andrew Fowler
Member Number: US2017030051
Domain: Dallas, TX