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"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper." -W.B. Yeats

The Story is in the Details

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Name: Thomas Marrow
Notable Traits: Stoic. Painfully British
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Tremere
Rank: Regent of the Fourth Circle of Mystery (Tremere Only)
House: None
Society: Societatis Politiks et Religio

For House and Clan


Known only to Tremere
Chantry: Twilight Basin




The Warlock known as Thomas Marrow stands at just over six feet of dour, British, melancholy. Ever a study in starkness, the well-regarded Thaumaturgy seems to meticulously groom his appearance in such a way that his attire is almost wholly devoid of colour. Most often clad in a stark black frock coat--fastened, to resemble robes--accented by black slacks and well-shined black shoes, the only hint of shading rests in the crimson stone of the ring that adorns his right pinky-finger. Those familiar with him are unlikely to describe him without mentioning the black leather doctor's bag almost always seen in his custody. Few have glimpsed within, but those who have speak of occult items and a tome that seems to be bound in crimson bindings.


A Jesuit Priest by the name of Thomas Marrow is known to have been active in England during the height of Victorian Occultism. One of the most prominent Catholic mystics and scholars of Biblical occultism the world has ever seen, it was only natural that Marrow's entrance into Kindred Society would mark a triumph for House and Clan Tremere. Though the Englishman is a mere Ancilla of the Ivory Tower, it is said that his alliances and station within the Tremere extend well beyond his meager years. It is said that he boasts a raw cleverness and curiosity that has seen more than its fair share of mysteries unfold before him. Little is known of his grander designs, however--a fact that makes many more age'd Kindred distinctly...uncomfortable.

Accusations of Heresy:

* Practices a strange hybrid form of Thaumaturgy deeply rooted in Gnostic tradition.
* Is a well-known scholar of all disciplines vested in Faith.
* Destroyed his own Sire upon discovering their dealings with the Infernal.
* Rumor

Allies and enemies


Whispers of Wooden Tongues:

RP Opportunities

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Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Tremere
Position: Tremere Primogen
Sire: Redacted
Generation: Ancilla
Lineage: Redacted

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