Thomas Rook

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Thomas Rook


Brief History

Thomas Rook has been a bit of a mystery before his re-emergence in polite society in 2008, though since then he has made a small name for himself as an artist, specializing mainly in sculpture with an avant garde or satirical nature to it. His art has been known to evoke strong emotions in those that have gazed upon it. Thomas was embraced just after the battle of Baltimore in the war of 1812, and quickly disappeared from society. Very little has been heard about him, though various pieces of his art have popped up from time to time throughout the intervening years, mostly depicting biting social commentary or edgy political satirism.

Current Status

  • Ancilla of the Camarilla
  • Keeper of Elysium of Washington DC
  • Toreador Primogen of Washington DC

Known Childer





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