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"I am not bound to please thee with my answers." - Shylock, The Merchant of Venice, Act 4, Scene 1

Commonly Known Information


Name: Thomasine Cary
Notable Traits: Master Elder, Playwright, Poetess, Patron
Society: The Critics' Guild
Clan: Toreador
Lineage: Childe of [Ar'Dom], Childe of Cerik Maraslav, Childe of Mi-Ka-Il, Childe of Arikel, Childe of the Second, Childe of Caine
Status: Confirmed, Established, and Privileged by her age.
Noble in New York as Primogen of the Rose.
Courteous by word of Leon Astorio.
Loyal by word of Cyneward the Mercian.



1642 – Born London, England

1657 – Published first play, “We Three Drunkards.” Journeys to Paris to learn theater with Thomas Killigrew of the King’s Men. Killigrew took a fatherly interest in Thomasine, teaching her play writing and basic theatercraft. [Approved by London VST]

1660 – Returns to London as part of the King’s Company. Was part of first contingent of women actors onstage. Originated a few women’s roles (Beatrice, Paulina, Regan) [Approved by London VST]

1665 – Retires from acting to write plays for Nell Gwyn. Whether the two were romantically involved is a carefully guarded secret, but the parts written for Nell by Thomasine suggest an amount of attraction. [Approved by London VST]

1683 – Moves to Paris after Killigrew’s death. Attends a salon in honor of Francois Villon, Prince of Paris and meets Toreador dilletante Ar’dom instead. She is wooed, courted, ghouled and Embraced in a May-September relationship.

1684 – Introduced at Paris Court. Writes “Les Harpies” after an Artiste Harpy and her Talons scorn the art of play writing. The Harpy prints a retraction after the play is a success.

1700 – Selected as Paris’ Harpy after an unfortunate theater fire claims her predecessor. [10 VIP – Held Court Position in DPotM]

1789 – Fled Paris as it fell to the Sabbat. Resided in London, studying the new trend of historical plays. Writes “The Rise of Wit” and “Sunset at Versailles”

1799 – Was part of the Toreador rally which reclaimed Paris. Suffers major physical and mental damage. [Variable VIP – Canonical Event Unlisted]

1800’s – Travels in Europe and North America.

1950’s – Settles in Westchester County, NY to stay close to family and away from the World Wars. Is pressured by Ar’dom to write blockbuster theater. Pens “Another Harold,” a 1949 Tony award nominee for Best Author and “A Fistful of Cake,” a sappy, uninspired romantic comedy quite unlike her.

1980's - Thomasine disappears from public eye for nearly a decade. A book of untitled poetry appears on the market in 1991. The works all carry a common theme; an unvarnished honesty. Critics call the book "harsh" and "overly practical, lacking in the wit and humor of her previous works." Thomasine returns to the public eye in 1992.

2017 – Prince Cerik Maraslav, Thomasine’s grandsire and Prince of New York, retires into torpor. Ar’dom stays out of the short, bloody skirmish of succession. Thomasine considers moving down to NYC. Sabbat, Lupine, and Wraith problems plague the city.

2018 – Thomasine relocates to Manhattan. In June, her sire plans a party for her reintroduction and gifts her with the Primogeniture of the Clan. She is determined to provide a stable face for the Rose.


  • Ar'Dom did not sire Thomasine. She is far too different from the entirety of his brood to be his childe.
  • She's on several Methuselah's shit lists for her boldly spoken opinions on art and the lack of it in recent gatherings.
  • The long dresses, tasteful jewelry, matronly figure, and indulgent smiles hide a thirst for power that rivals her grandsire.

Quotes By

"I find that nothing is so unnerving as the silent passage of time. Whatever else my words stand for, they will convey that in this moment, this inescapable, chaotic present, there was noise, fervor, passion and life in the halls of the Ivory Tower. This is not a damned mausoleum." - The foreword to "Sunset at Versailles," 1795.
"Make a splash? A statement? I sit atop the world's premier collections of art amidst a bevy of the eldest, most talented, and acclaimed Roses in history. If you don't see us making a statement, you're simply not looking." - to Eletria at the Toreador meeting of Memphis 2018
"Is this what we do now? Sit alone in boardrooms brooding? What do you do in here all by yourself?" - August 2018

Quotes About

"You ain't experienced class unless you've experienced a shindig thrown by Elder Cary." -Oxlahun Ollin
"I consider myself incredibly lucky to have met Elder Cary when I was but a wet behind the ears neonate visiting the Parisian Court. I count myself exceptionally lucky to have had her grace and joie de vivre to guide me." Lucien Moreau
"I may have learned how to be Kindred by others, but I was taught how to be Toreador by my Great Grandsire Thomasine." -Darien Grey
"The childe of Ar'Dom, the grandchilde of Cerik Maraslav the Eternal? Thank the Lord I'm on good terms with that family, because if that's not enough to make you soil yourself, it's probably because your head is acting as a cork." - Bartleby Crane
"I'm not exactly sure how someone like Thomasine was able to come from someone like Ar'Dom. Something tells me she's very good at hiding parts of herself. The question I'm scared of learning the answer to is which is the real Thomasine? The face she shows me, or the one she shows her sire? - Kyle Morgan
"All the world’s a stage, And all of us merely players. We have our exits and our entrances, And one in their existence will play many parts. Even after the brief time of our correspondence, I am certain this one is well versed in both the script and the stage directions of this, our eternally secret theatre." -Cyrus Eddington

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