Thorned Clover

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Thorned Clover

Fight when you must. Eat when you need. Sleep when you can.


The Details

Name: Thorned Clover
Family: Fannon
Tribe: Fianna
Breed: Lupus
Auspice: Ahroun
Rank: Fostern
Pack: Packless
Sept: Sept of Cleansing Flame

Known to the Nation

Clover is that rarest of breeds, an old Garou. She was born more seasons ago than she cares to count. Her hide bears decades of scars from the endless battle against the Wyrm. Age hasn't slowed her and she remains a committed front line fighter in these dark times, leaving the politics of the Nation to those wiser than she. Over the years she has sired seven litters, all lupus, with her mate Stands the Oak, a kinfolk of the Red Talons. Many of her children fell in battle, something she is both proud of and mourns. The remaining children are scattered about the Nation, those who became Garou split between the two tribes.

For most of her life Clover called the Pacific Northwest home. As the war peaked and the caerns fell one by one she retreated with her mate to the Sept of the Weeping Daughter. She learned of a homid branch of her kin, her cousins the Fannons, in Texas and set off with her mate to meet these strangers. After finding her cousin Ember outside of Austin she decided to settle nearby and continue her fight with the Wyrm's thralls.


She is brusque to the point of being rude. Clover is a staunch traditionalist, a firm believer in the Sanctum of Gaia, and has no qualms with expressing her views. She often gets irritated with the "filling their mouths with words" that homid Garou are so fond of and will often go off on her own rather than sit around through endless debates. Age did not bring her wisdom. While she will respect those Gaia sets above her she is quick to snap at homids who are not kin. As a lupus she is willfully ignorant of humanity's ways, disdainful of technology, and will gleefully break it when she can.

As a mother she is fiercely protective of children and pregnant Garou and Kinfolk. Clover believes that bearing the next generation of Garou is as honorable and necessary as combat.


Clover is almost always in Lupus or Hispo forms, entering Crinos for combat. She will enter Glabro only if a dire situation calls for it and never enters homid unless ordered to. Being a Child of Tir na nOg she can easily adjust the size of her form to appear as nothing more than a dog if she must go into a Weaver tainted city.

Her fur is a tawny color, with gray around the muzzle. Both of her front paws are marked with the blue tattoos of a Fianna spiritual emblem, the living fetish made a part of her. In homid she appears to be a woman in her 60s, wrinkled with brown and gray hair.

When both of her fetishes are activated her front paws become a flicker of blue flame while vines of clover and thorns sprout from her skin to wrap around her body.

Known Associates

  • Ember Fannon
  • Aiden Fannon


  • Clover's children among the Red Talons are believed to have run in Winter Packs, with Clover joining them from time to time.
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Inspiration & Influences

OOC Information

Player: Sarah Wright

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Storyteller: Decker Pool

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Location: Austin, Texas