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Character Information


Name: Thrall Larssen "Marred-Son-of-Nerigal"

Rank: Athro

Auspice: Forseti

Tribe: Get of Fenris

Camp: Hand of Tyr

Notable Traits: Large deep claw scars running across face

Pack: Crimson Ice *Pack Reputation Merit*

Pack Position: Pack Leader

Soceity: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: Sept of the Crescent Swamp

Sept Position: Sept Leader


Thrall is a warrior, always looking forward to the next battle against The Wyrm and its minions. From the time he was born his parents and tribe expected great things from him and he works hard to meet and exceed those expectations. All he and his pack have accomplished throughout their time together has made him a bit overconfident in their abilities and headstrong.

Public Timeline and Locations:

  • 1978: Astrid and Gerhard Larssen leave Blood Fist to aid Gerhard's family in Mississippi.
  • March 2nd 1980: Astrid Larssen goes into labor. Theurges see this as a sign of Nerigal's blessing due to the Conjunction of Jupiter and Mars in the sky
  • March 10th 1980: Thrall Larssen was born.
  • January 21st 1998: Thrall Larssen shifts under the light of Jupiter and Mars in the sky. He is then taken to the Sept of The Rising Cresent to undergo his training as a cub. This is when the Larssens and Landrys become allies.
  • April 19th 1998: Thrall and a pack of cubs undergo their Rite of Passage. After working together and succeeding in the challenge set before them they decided to become a pack. This was the beginning of Crimson Ice
  • 2004: Thrall becomes Fostern.
  • August 31 2005: Hurricane Katrina falls upon the coast and Crimson Ice rises against the creatures and spirits the storm brings with it.
  • February 2010: Deep Water Horizon explodes, releasing an old and powerful bane bound within the sea. Crimson Ice and many others surge forth from The Sept of the Forgotten Waters to fight it.
  • 2010: Thrall challenges for Adren and is sent to aid Golgol Fangs First in his fight for the Amazon. Shortly after arrival there Pentex and its army attacks. Crimson Ice and what few Garou Golgol could muster fight with everything they have. Golgol gives his life to the cause and this rallies the warriors of Gaia to victory in protecting the Theurges as they perform the Rite of Still Skies. After the battle and defending the caern for a short time after Thrall is given the rank Adren.
  • 2015: Thrall meets a strange kinfolk named Sylvie who presents him with the wisdom of a vision where Thrall defeats many Wyrm creatures as well as the weapon she saw him do it with. Thrall takes on this klaive and the duty that comes with it.
  • August 16: Aids the Garou of Puerto Rico in reclaiming land from the Wyrm and planting their Caern Seed.
  • February 4th-6th 2017: Thrall and Crimson Ice returns home to New Orleans to help establish a shard caern there. Thrall claims Sept Leader.
  • March 17: Thrall and Aren travel to Atlanta and aid them in their fight against the Wyrm, helping to clear the city of Wyrm so they can pant their caern seed.

Blood is thicker than water



  • Gunnar Larssen (Father)
  • Astrid Larssen (Mother)
  • Hellevi Larssen (Cousin on Father's Side)
  • Valka One-Eye (Cousin on Mother's Side)


Allies and Enemies

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The Fallen

  • Saga Fostern Lupus Galliard of the Get of Fenris (packmate, died in the battle of Hurricane Katrina)
  • Talisin Cliath Homid Ragabash of the Fianna (packmate, died in battle during Deep Water Horizon)


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  • "Strength of virtue or strength of purpose? No matter, he has them both. Do not show your weakness to him, or you will find yourself at his mercy. Show your strength, and you will have his respect." - Sylvi Anker
  • "I know Thrall Marred Son of Nerigal. His blood has watered Gaia mingled with mine, and we have fought back-to-back both figuratively and literally. He is as fierce a warrior as you have heard, and as strong as a leader. Lesser-known is his grasp of subtler and more distasteful battles. It is a mark of his nobility that Thrall will go where his allies need him in Gaia's service, without a word of request needed nor complaint heard." - Ambrose Silverheart
  • "A true child of Fenris. A font of strength of his friends and allies, and a terror to all who dare face him. He is wise, patient, and speaks with all the force that is required." - Duskcaller
  • "Duskcaller sent me to him to learn what I didn't know. I learned that I wasn't alone." - Haunts-the-Forest
  • "He respects the old ways with honour and will aid even Kinfolk should they ask respectfully and with wise dutiful reasons. He isn't afraid to listen to those of lesser standing than he, a sign of a good leader". - Annika
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  • "Anywhere but Here" Five Finger Death Punch w/ Maria Brink
  • "Battleborn" Five Finger Death Punch
  • "Indestructible" Disturbed
  • "Warrior's Call" Volbeat
  • "Spit it Out" Slipknot

OOC Information

Player: Troy Jackson

Player Email:

Storyteller: Katie Nance

Storyteller Email:

Location: New Orleans, LA 005 D