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Information Known by General Kindred Society

Name/Moniker: Thunder

Less known as: Ben Storm

Notable Traits: Reputed Weather Thaumaturge, wears stylish fashionable attire and at times has rolled up sleeves exposing mirrored metal bracers

Social Class: Ancilla (and been around and traveling since 1550)

Acknowledged and now returned to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Offices held: Aspiring to hold Assistant to the Keeper position

Status: Confirmed (Ancilla) Loyal (from Santo Domingo Tremere Primogen Celeste)

Known at best only by fellow Tremere

Real name as known to chain of command: Benjamin Maggid

Position within House and Clan: Apprentice of the 4th Circle of Mysteries of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


House of Silex (serve, protect, and guide our clan mates)

Unlikely to be known even by fellow Tremere


Alfrick: presently in Boston, Massachusetts

Sire: Eugenio Gomis: Diablerized by pack of Lasombra on Elysium grounds

Grandsire: Elliot Lancaster

Great Grandsire: Virgil Silex

Great Great Grandsire: Leduc The Frenchman


  • He is a hoarder of maps, charts, journals, and other sundry scraps of forklores and legends.
  • He rarely is seen without the company of other Tremere.

OOC Information

Player: Jeremy B.

Location: Wellesley, MA

Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Player: Jeremy B.
Storyteller: Mike Welch