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Dowager Lady Thyra Laskaris-Archer



"I would have been content, but that is not my lot, my lot is to be contentious"


General Information

Name: Dowager Lady Thyra Laskaris-Archer
Deed Name: None

Rank: Kinfolk

Tribe: Silver Fang
Faction: Sanctum of Gaia
House: Wise Heart
Pack: Guardians of the Deep
Lineage: Laskaris

Notable Traits:



Thyra is a Silver Fang to her core, raised by her parents alongside her dear cousin Ambrose and 7 older brothers, she was taught from the beginning that she was fated to marry Bragi Anker, a debt her father incured long before she was born. She accepted her fate with grace though, and 4 years ago, at the tender age of 20, she entered into a marriage contract with the Anker family.

Thyra is not the tender woman she was four years ago, time, and the actions of those around her, have made her a tad... prickly.



February 18th, 1994 - Thyra is born to Antero and Freya Laskaris, the last of 8 children.
May, 1998 - Thyra is introduced to Ambrose Laskaris, her cousin, just months after the loss of his family.
July, 1999 - Thyra sees Ambrose change for the first time, the understanding that her family is not like others begins to sink in.
February 20th, 2004 - Thyra begins being taught the ways of House Wise Heart and the Silver Fang tribe, just days after her 10th birthday.
October, 2007 - Antero and Ambrose Laskaris begin the process of preparing Thyra and Bragi's marriage contract.
April 20, 2013 - The contract is accepted, and Thyra meets Bragi for the first time, 5 days before their wedding.
October, 2014 - Bragi comes to Thyra to explain to her that he has been bitten, offering to divorce her, only to find out that she is pregnant with their first child.
May 18th, 2015 - Thyra gives birth to her first child, a boy, who she names Ulfarr Ambrose Anker.
September, 2016 - Thyra submits her book to a publisher in Austin, Tx, after having no success in Puerto Rico or California, her first choices.
May, 2017 - Thyra's book, "Those Who Wait Behind", takes off in Texas, and her publisher urges her to move to Austin to work on her second book.
August, 2017 - Thyra closes on a residence outside of Austin, Tx, settling into the new state before sending for her son. Who is being cared for by relatives in Puerto Rico.
April 26th, 2018 - Thyra's marriage contract expires with Bragi Anker, and both agree amicably to dissolve the union.
May 1st, 2018 - Thyra accepts a marriage offer from Daniel Archer, deed name "Cuts Like the Cold", leader of the Sept of Cleansing Flame.
August 18th, 2018 - Thyra and Daniel marry in a simple ceremony at the Sept of Cleansing Flame, and Thyra steps into her role and title as Lady.
July 13th, 2019 - Daniel Archer is pronounced "lost" by the Totem Spirit of the Sept of Hope and Harsh Truths, Thyra is allowed to take the title "Dowager Lady" by Lord Be Not Afraid and goes into deep mourning.



Antero Laskaris - Father

Freya Laskaris - Mother
Older brothers - Accepting ties!
Nicodemus Laskaris
Older Sister - Natalie Wolfe

Cousin - Ambrose Silverheart
Husband - Daniel "Cuts Like the Cold" Archer (Presumed Deceased)
Children - Ulfarr Ambrose Anker, Kort Anker



"Thyra is better than a mate. She is a sister." - Sylvi Anker
"She seems to be able to bring out ideas in others, it's pleasant to witness." - Razortooth the Undying
"I don't know much about her, save for that she's kin another branch of Silver Fangs... but anyone who could make it through being married off to a Fenrir for five years must have some serious resolve. I don't envy her position in all that one damn bit." - Madison Walsh
"She remains important to me, and news of her recent issues give me concern and hope, which shames me. I admit she remains more on my mind than I expected, but it may just be from not seeing her that much." - Stands with Dignity
"So far she seems aiight. Time will tell. Regardless, she is a Kinfolk, thus has my protection should she need it." Jo Trevino
"I appreciate a woman of determination. I have a feeling that we will be firm friends and staunch allies." Rose Marie Davis
“She’s okay at that medicine stuff. Just okay.” - That Asshole

“Once, an old monk asked a question. 'What is wisdom?' and when no one could answer, they said 'It is the ability to perfectly understand and patiently accept the truth of suffering.'” - Tsomo
""The prettiest flowers have their thorns to protect themselves. She is the Prettiest, with the scars to show how well her thorns protect her." Swims Deep
"She can listen to reason, but seems to have a way of twisting it to suit her own means. I will protect her as I do all kin, but she does not make it easy. I was once like her, but had to learn the lesson she is starting to the hard way. I hope for her childrens' sake she does not have to." - Blood of Thor
"She is an excellent host. I shall have to help her clean her den of parasites." - Ghost in the Woods
"Excellent in a fight; brave beyond belief and an amazing person." Soothes the Storms
"Definitely a Silver Fang." Catalin Corbeanu
"Thyra has been a good friend to me. She's very dedicated to the causes she chases, almost stubbornly. I hope her motivation never dies and I hope she succeeds where others have failed." - Priscilla Lamnidae
"History is built on the graves of former monarchs who believed their ordained lines of succession inviolable, ignoring the ambitious relatives in their midst. Hmm? Oh, Thyra! Was that who we were discussing? Excuse the wandering mind of an old man. Yes, she cuts quite the figure, doesn't she?" - 'Spector
"Few people understand the inherent challenges and responsibilities in being a kinfolk as well as she does. She leads by it." - Verity Apple Willow
"I still have much to learn from her." - Elizabeth Tvarivich
“Thyra is a Kinfolk with a clear image of her mission and the passion to see it through. You should never underestimate what she will do to achieve her goals." - Thomas “Shade Seeker” Whitington
"Don't let that sweet smile fool you, there's teeth behind it. One of the most capable people I've ever met." - Amber Lauren
"Such a Sweet and Caring Woman, But even I can see the Pain in her eyes. Dammit Woman, Start caring about yourself every-once in awhile. You dont have to put someone else needs before yours everytime." - Stags-Fury
"As a leader, there are none finer. Those who would choose to dismiss her insights into our society and war make a disastrous mistake." - Erecul Tophroi
"As a kinfolk she was not afraid to face me in combat. She is brave and honorable in battle." Undertow of Pain

"Agree with her or not, she's vocal, and organized. Her an' Cuts are like Nutella an' strawberry jelly. Alone, they're good. Together, that's a damn fine sammich. Hell of a wedding, too. Can't wait to see what she does next." - Leftovers
"This woman here, is self sacrificing for her goals and her friends. If you're lucky enough to be one, don't be frivolous with it." Priscilla Lamnidae
"Clever and takes charge without being bossy. And damn good with a sword." Cassidy Black
"Thyra works too hard and takes on too much. In this she reminds me of myself. But where I am pragmatic she is idealistic and I think this will take her farther." Inge Hansen
"I may not agree with all of her decisions, but I understand the reasons behind them, and her dedication to her family and doing what she feels must be done. Thyra is a strong friend and ally to have in these times, and one I hope to continue keeping close for many years to come." - Madison Walsh
"She's a lady, and damn good woman to have at your back with a gun." - Josephine "Thundercat" Trevino
"Her unconventional personal style made it difficult for me with her early on. But her strengths and specific expertise speak as clearly as clarion trumpets to the rightness of the idea that the Garou Nation needs to enrich its notion of how leadership works. There is more Silver Fang in this Kinfolk than I see in most who shift, and the Garou would do well to remember it. Once I saw that, it helped me not only to trust her, but to trust her in my personal life, and to trust in her on a fundamental level. A Klaive need not be perfect--a real Klaive need only have reach, strength, aim, and bite enough to win." - Brevalaer Menguy Kergoat



  • She has enough suitors to start a march madness tournament, with 'Spector handling the betting pool.
  • She is actually of a bastard line of the last High King.
  • Enjoys raspberry jam on everything.
  • There's a reason she's nicknamed "Lilly of the Valley".
  • Garou in several states flinch when they hear her name.
  • She has a fondness for filthy jokes so secret she has a Kitsune on retainer just to wipe the minds of listeners after she recounts them
  • Has influence over the local thrift stores to hold vintage pieces for her.
  • Fear the chanclas!
  • She runs a matchmaking service called "Howlr".
  • Member of the infamous #KinfolkMafia
  • Lives off of wine and avocado toast.
  • Please add your own.


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