Timothy Murphy

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Timmy "Little Dream" Murphy

Notable Traits: Compassionate, passionate, baseline lazy, curious, and typically fearless

Rank: Cliath

Pack: None at the moment - Hey guys choose me for the team (Pick me)

Sept: Traveler currently


Spoiled rich kid typically dressed in obnoxious clothes but typically respectful in company unless irritated then he become quite sarcastic. Serious hippy vibes and likes seeing people in harmony unless he is having a bad day then the world can burn.

Curious known items

  • Child of Victor Murphy - billionaire- sector oil fracking
  • Bitten
  • Fame 2 - Thought to be dead from a serious of unfortunate abduction attempt reducing him to an ICU room where there was either a major fire, mass hallucination, shooting, or/and animal loose in the hospital (His first change - November 14th 2015 - known to the Nation at this point unfortunately)


  • Timmy's flippantcy is actually a secret desire to craft and bath in chaos of irritation of others
  • Timmy might have accidentally destroyed an entire hospital ICU department.
  • Timmy lost everything the last time he was drunk so he has been completely sober for 4 years.
  • Timmy is a sadistic lover of pain, corruption, and horror. Not really the pacifistic persona he exudes it is just a front.
  • Timmy's dad enjoys creating fomori as an artform and has an apartment on Atrocity.
  • Timmy's real name is Calamity Jim...

OOC Information

Player: Justin Merrell

Player Email: brfaest@gmail.com

Storyteller: Aaron Hanten

Storyteller Email: dmh.garou@gmail.com

Location: Semi Limbo - Wanderer - Currently Phoenix