Titus Lynch

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Titus Lynch
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Name:Titus "TJ" Lynch
Sire:Tuco Juan Maria Ramirez

Sardonic, surly and intense are words that best describe Titus Lynch. He's a man who has had rage in his heart far before he had a Beast. Lynch is known to be viscous, brutal, loud and brash to friend and foe alike. What he lacks in morals and integrity he makes up for in efficiency and indomitably.

On a personality basis, Lynch is an odd mixture of brutish and easy charisma. He exudes a confidence of a person aware and comfortable in his skin, his abilities and his place in the world. Lynch seems amused at the constraints of society and communicates a sort of worldly tolerance to the trappings of culture and community, but he never hides his thuggish swagger nor his place outside the boundaries of polite society. This seems to make him an intriguing individual even as he registers as a dangerous creature that should be handled with care. However, many enamored by him have been soured rather quickly when something should aggravate and impede the young Gangrel's desires. Lynch's charming bluntness swiftly turns to crass boorishness when he verbally abuses anyone or anything that should earn his ire. His choice of words can be called... colorful at the very least.

Over six feet in height, a stocky lean frame with broad shoulders; he's not necessarily a handsome man but his "alpha" behavior does seem to attract the attention of others, for good or ill. Dark brown skin from his African heritage, even at his most brutal he tends to be able to blend in with his surroundings. Close cropped hair, relatively neatly trimmed facial hair frame eyes so dark they could almost be black. He seems like a man a few are inclined to fuck with.

"Your problem is you spent your whole life thinking there are rules. There aren’t. We used to be gorillas. All we had was what we could take and defend."
- Lorne Malvo, "Fargo"
Further Information
Notable Traits
  • Forgiven Diablerie
  • Foul Language
  • Cold Bloodedly Violent

A neonate who has only been around in vampiric society for around 20 to 30 years, little is known about Titus Lynch save he's able to be paid to do violence upon one's foes and his attitude tends to be abrasive at best.

The information that is available about him, indicates that he seems to have performed services on more than one occasion for various powerful patrons within the Tower. It is even strongly rumored that he was allowed to take the heart's blood of an enemy of the sect. Harpies who have had him in their domains recall him as almost constantly being considered vulgar or even warned about his tone and his lack of social graces. And yet... he still seems to find welcome in the various domains he's visited in the Americas that are held by the Camarilla, at least for a brief period of time.

One thing that seems consistent, for the being known by the name Titus Lynch... he is trouble and death stirs in his wake.

  • Pending?
  • Didn't he eat somebody?!?
  • He's actually a former sabbat member! I mean he did come from Mexico didn't he?!
  • He's an Anarch Sympathizer, I mean look at how he acts.
  • I heard that Princes hire him to remove people they can't afford to directly be seen as confronting. Just watch, we're going to see some disappearances happening shortly.
  • A fellow I know heard that he butchered an entire church full of people a few years ago, during that Gangrel weirdness that they refuse to talk about.
  • He's totally a caitiff who is posing as a Gangrel. I'd stake my reputation on it.
Out of Character
  • Jules Winfield; Pulp Fiction (Film)
  • Clarence Boddicker; Robocop (Film)
  • Conor McGregor; UFC Fighter
  • Tommy DeVito; Goodfellas (Film)
  • Bronn of the Blackwater; Game of Thrones (Television/Fiction)
  • Chris Partlow; The Wire (Television)
  • Frank Costello; The Departed (Film)
  • Alex Delarge; A Clockwork Orange (Film)
  • Lorne Malvo; Fargo (Television)