Tiziano Farnese

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Tiziano Farnese
Commonly Known Information
Name:Tiziano Farnese
Faction:Order of St. Blaise
Titles:Archbishop of the Pioneer Valley
Priest of Pack Goliardia
Theme Song:Nightwish - Romanticide
OOC Information
Storyteller:VST Sabbat MA-005D
Player Email:

Simone T


Birth and Education

Teatro regio in Parma, Italy
Teatro Regio - Parma, Italy. Workplace of Tiziano as a mortal, it will become his haven after his embrace.

Tiziano was born on December 14th 1822 in Parma into the middle high class. Son of an actress and an Opera singer, Tiziano is raised among artists and soon starts to display the same inclination. He enrolls in Parma’s Conservatory and graduates in 1836. A decent pianist among a crop of way better musicians, Tiziano soon finds himself better at leading an orchestra rather than being part of it. Through social grace and some contacts from his parents, he manages to find himself a spot as the orchestra's director of Parma's theatre.


Through his work with the artists he start to get introduce to the Italian revolutionary underground and the “Giovine Italia”. His passion for his ideals and his frequent meeting in the middle of the night attract the attention of Claudio de Giuliano, Lasombra Loyalist Ductus of the pack “Goliardia Parmense”. Tiziano is turned into a Ghoul by Claudio in 1857 and employed in a scheme in northern Italy to weaken the camarilla controlled Austrian occupied territories through the support of the movements for a unified Italy. During the September 15 protests of 1859 to demand the annexation of Parma to the kingdom of Italy Tiziano is one of the ringleaders and major agitators. Later that same Year, Tiziano is turned into a vampire without being subjected to further accounting. In the summer of 1866, Tiziano is involved with some members of his pack in a fight related to the third Italian war of independence. Goliardia moved to Romagna following the army serving under Enrico Cialdini and fought several Austrian Ventrue and their ghouls. This will be the first of numerous clashes with Austrian ventrue that will develop in a deep hatred towards them.


Still having deep resentment towards the Austrian Ventrue, Tiziano extends his influence to the political class in Italy offering support to a radical nationalist political movement, called Italia Irredenta (Unredeemed Italy) in an anti-Austrian move. As World War I starts between Italy and Austria Tiziano is unable to get more personally involved on a frontline that is far and deep into Camarilla territory. The news of the disastrous battle of Caporetto left Tiziano devastated. He pooled his resources and connections for a Year to lend support the Italian army which eventually contributed to the battle of Vittorio Veneto.


Italian resistance raising barricades in Parma
The "Arditi del Popolo" Raising barricades agaist the advance of Fascist "Squadristi"

As Fascism begins to rise in Italy, Tiziano finds himself heavily opposing the new movement and the ventrue influences in it. In 1922 he and his pack offer support to the “arditi del popolo” as their anti-fascist strike turns into a small civil war in the streets of the city in what will be known as Fatti di Parma. As the anti-fascist movements prove too resilient for the fascists to deal with, Ventrue ghouls started to pour into the City. Tiziano achieves to execute one of those ghouls in a particularly public fashion knowing that it would attract the ventrue domitor to the city to deal with the breach of the Masquerade. As a result of this machination Tiziano and Goliardia will then manage to assassinate a dozen of Camarilla Ventrue after letting them dominate their way into erasing the masquerade breaches.


Despite the huge personal success in Parma, Mussolini eventually marches to Rome. While the city remains somewhat hostile to the regime, Goliardia finds itself powerless to oppose it on a national level. Tiziano is living a crisis as he sees his country turn into a fascist regime. The occasion rose in 1943 with the allied invasion of Sicily, German troops start to flood in Italy to defend it from the invasion of the Anglo-American troops. In Parma, being in the center of the major transit arteries between north and south, Tiziano helped the human population to organize assaults on German supply lines going to the front. After the Armistice of Cassibile, the German army invades Italy and establishes a military command in Parma. Numerous Parmesan citizens start to join the resistance. Tiziano and his pack start to personally support the partisan operations of sabotage of the Germans lines, once again putting him at odds with Austrian Ventrue and their ghoul that supported the German effort in Italy. Parma gets bombed 4 times by the allies during the German occupation, 2 Goliardia pack members lose their lives and their haven in the bombing. Tiziano would pin the blame on the Ventrue and the persistence of the German troop that forced the allies to bomb his city. In the April of 1945, the German troop, desperate for the advancement of the Allied troops, attempted to employ a scorched earth tactic on Parma, plan that was thwarted by Goliardia through the domination of some key elements in the German chain of command. At the eve of the Italian liberation, the partisan troops managed to amass 11000 men nationwide. The germans will retire, most of them would die in the Po river, leaving Parma a city devastated by the war. Tiziano last act in the war will be to make sure that the resistance will execute the captured fascist by firing squad in defiance of international treaties on prisoners of war.


Italy, the country that Tiziano helped to form, was devastated from a war where his country took the side of his enemy and was antithetical to his principles. Tiziano reflected the mood of the whole country, desperate, hopeless and angry. With the unification of Italy behind him and after 2 world wars Tiziano felt a lack of direction for his unlife, the only solace represented by the chance of committing occasional incursions on Camarilla's territory. In roughly 2 decades Tiziano lost most of his humanity and was on the verge of entering wassail numerous times.

Years of Lead

The student protests of 1968

In 1968 social tensions between the government and protestors among workers and students started to attract Tiziano's attention. Being to detached from the modern form of protest and their driving values, he embraces a young student active in the protests of the time, Giada. She is quickly welcomed in Goliardia after a year of accounting. Giada after the embrace maintains a fiery and rebellious attitude but becomes detached from her mortal protests, being absorbed by cainite matters and Tiziano falls in love with her rebellious spirit. Tiziano and Giada get romantically involved and perform Vaulderie together on a regular basis simulating a strong love bond for each other. Tiziano regains his grip to his morality and starts to be driven by the love for his childe.


On August 2 1980, the pack priest dies in his haven under Bologna’s Central Train station, lacking a priest, the pack looks at Tiziano as the new priest. He picks up the rites of the Sabbat pretty quickly and effectively, but his own life of rebellion and the general behavior of the members of “Goliardia Parmense” will make him into a very eccentric and unorthodox priest. In 1983 he travels with his sire to Milan for Palla Grande. He meets Giangaleazzo and gets a chance to see with his eyes the original Code of Milan. The event is not particularly significant but it will shape future events for Tiziano.

Fall of Goliardia

An underpass in the center of parma.
The underpass in the center of Parma, where the camarilla Ventrue Tortured and put through final Death Giada, childe of Tiziano.

1997 comes and Giangaleazzo betrays the Sabbat. When the news arrives to Parma it sounds shocking but no one is prepared for what is about to happen. Blood hunts extend from Milan to the neighboring cities in northern Italy. Claudio de Giuliano, Ductus and Sire of Tiziano, is the first to meet final death. The whole pack falls in disarray, the pack members look at Tiziano as the priest for leadership, but the blood hunts prove way more organized and in a second attack Tiziano is forced to witness Giada’s final death as his pack drag him to safety. Blaming his own pack for not saving Giada, Tiziano finds an American Tourist, Valerie, turns her into a ghoul and flees for the United States.

Valerie Evans

He flies with Valerie Evans to the United States and eventually turns her into a vampire replicating the same strong bond he had with Giada. However, Valerie is a very different person. The destruction of his pack in Italy scarred Tiziano deeply, while keeping his usual facade his heart turned way more jaded and casts a shadow of mistrust and ruthless calculation over his once idealistic spirit.

The Broken

In 2010, Gareth Beaumains approached Goliardia seeking haven from his pack, the Broken. Gareth recounted the story of the Broken to him and how he found out that her ductus was in reality a Camarilla infiltrator. Gareth was inducted in Goliardia and one year after, Tiziano and Gareth tracked down and found the Duchess, Ventrue Ductus of the Broken. A battle ensued and Tiziano executed the duchess but not in time to save Gareth from final death.

Bishop of Kine

During Palla Grande in 2017, Tiziano learns about a mortal priest organizing city watches at night and about the kine being on edge and unruly. Decided to take the matter in his own hands, Tiziano issued a Monomacy to the Bishop of Kine for his position which he successfully acquired on December of the same year.

The Raging Beast

In December 2017 Valerie started a relationship with Dionysus Lanciano. As a reaction to that news, Tiziano ran from the pack haven, allegedly returning to Italy, mourning over Giada's death and Valerie's first encounter. He returned to the Diocese after being missing from the binding and admitting of having being unable to control his beast as of late, getting in and out of frenzy for the 2 weeks of his absence. He eventually confronted Dionysus Lanciano and he is rumored to have threatened him numerous times with final death, still, he seems to be still working with him on the Order of St. Blaise goals. Since then he had a few episodes in which he seemed unable to control himself in front of other cainites.

Dealings with the Anarchs

In April 2018, Tiziano infiltrated the Anarch Barony of Sanctuary while on a mission for the Black Hand. The mission reinforces his already existing sympathies for the Anarchs and disdain for the inquisition. With the informations and contacts in his possess he starts to publicly push for an alliance between the Sabbat and the Anarchs that are soon to rise against the Camarilla.

Issues with the Inquisition

After the events in Sanctuary, Tiziano started to attract the attention of the inquisition and in turn, he started to publicly sport his criticism for the Inquisition's ways. After being called to the grand inquisitor, His Archbishop Joseph Lanthon stripped him of his title and threatened him with exile. Returning from the interview and being declared cleared of any accusation by the Grand Inquisitor, Tiziano still saw fit criticizing the status bestowed to the panel that judged him. After the fact, several Inquisitors lined up to monomacy him. The monomacy was held in August 2018, the results of such monomacy were kept secret by most of the participants but saw the resignation from the inquisition of his opponent Malachi Salamanca.

Rise to Archbishop

After his monomacy, Archbishop Joseph Lanthon left the Diocese of the Pioneer Valley. Lacking leadership and already intending to challenge the archbishop for the position, Tiziano called upon the approval of the local packs to step up as the new archbishops. All the packs agreed to his nomination.

Ocean City

After the visit in the pioneer Valley of Archbishop Deliverance Dane of Ocean City, Tiziano left the pioneer valley to help in the effort against the infernal forces. During the battle he fought valiantly but was eventually reduced to Torpor. He rose again when the battle was won.


December 14, 1822, Born in Parma

June 14, 1836, Graduated from Parma’s Conservatory

1838 to 1847, He is an orchestra conductor at the Teatro Regio

February 1857, He is turned into a ghoul

November 21 1859, after proving himself during his time as a Ghoul, Tiziano is embraced and released from accounting

August 1922, Lends supports to the Anti-Fascist Resistance

September 16, 1980, Becomes Goliardia Parmense’s pack priest

December 1997, Turns Valerie Evans into a ghoul and flees for the US

2000, performs a ritual of acceptance for Eli Allen and rebrands the pack simply as Goliardia

December 2 2017, Acquires the title of Bishop of Kine through monomacy.

October 20 2018, Becomes Archbishop of the Pioneer Valley


Tiziano celebrating Cainemas
  • Tiziano had a chance to see the original Code of Milan in Italy before it was burned in 1997
  • Tiziano is slowly and inexorably descending into Wassail
  • On April 28 1945 Tiziano killed Benito Mussolini
  • Tiziano will try to kill everyone who engages in a relationship with his childe
  • Tiziano's boundless enthusiasm for converting the Anarchs is one reason Isabella Dora Alvarez makes an effort not to be a *huge* bitch on the Lists.
  • All of Tiziano displays of Anger or disrespect are really carefully crafted political moves.
  • Tiziano has the favor of Caine himself.



By Tiziano

  • "Don't be a Hypocrite with me Valerie, I am a master of that game" - Tiziano to Valerie Evans
  • "Of all the things I would advise you against mentioning to me, the Crushing weight of Heartache makes the top of the list...." - Tiziano to Dionysus Lanciano
  • "On the other hand, should I vaguely suspect you to be just another Ventrue, it will be the sweetest of pleasure for me to rip you apart limb per limb until you beg for final death." - Tiziano to Alan James McGary
  • "The problem with the Sabbat is that all our brothers that have any brain are already in Goliardia" - Tiziano to Valerie Evans
  • "I would hate to think how my ego would inflate without you constantly chipping at it" - Tiziano to Valerie Evans

About Tiziano

  • "Tiziano fell into my life like a falling star, and when I picked it up in my hands, he revealed to me a piece of the universe so beautiful I could not believe it existed on this plane. I took him into my hands, and I will never let it go, until I am dust and cannot grasp it any longer." - Valerie Evans
  • "Then again, I don't want to discourage Tiziano..." - Isabella Dora Alvarez, moments before sparing an Anarch from her Abyssal wrath.
  • "Beware, the Phantom of the Opera..." - Judge-Inquisitor Antonio Diaz
  • "I personally do not have a high opinion of him for he does not know when to stop antagonizing those around him. However it seems as if luck or fate itself is ever on his side." - Astraea
  • "How I have missed his... well, everything. From our mortal years to present day, no one else has ever given me quite this deep feeling of being worshiped, and I do not believe anyone ever will." - Giulia Aurora Piccola Suora
  • "He could go without a mouth for a moon or so. For his own safety." - Katona
  • "The relationship between sire and childe is always complex in our clan; torn between massive pride and bitterness for that which we put each other through. All of that said, I am endlessly proud of my sire and to call him so, even if there are times I have doubted him. But... Caine help any who threaten him, for they will not exist long on my shit list." - Valerie Evans
  • "He brings to my table his title, his family, his powers, and his lands, and gets nothing in return. Too easy. The clash of ideas was nonetheless stimulating, if a tad self-deluded. "First among equals". Really now." - Thaddeus Moreau
  • "He reminds me so much of myself that I really have no choice but to hate him. It's exhilarating. I can't wait to see him again — across the table, the ballroom, or the field." – Ambrose Quincy Goddard
  • "We don't agree on much, but, he's a riot, and he can see through the bullshit that our 'elders' are spinning. I appreciate that about him." - Mordechai

OOC Information

Player: Simone Tanzi

Player Email: serpentcross@hotmail.it

Storyteller: Caroline Tanzi

Storyteller Email: sunderedlands.masq@gmail.com

Location: MA-005-D