Toirésa Kegan O'Callaghan

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But the time has come; the revelation has already occurred, and the guardian seers have seen the lightning strike the darkness we call reality. And now we sleep in the brief interval between the lightning and the thunder.-William Irwin Thompson

Commonly Known Information

Name: Toirésa Kegan O'Callaghan, responds to Reesa.

Notable Traits: "Passionate, driven, eccentric, strong in her convictions. She often makes others uncomfortable with the way she watches them. She is always seen with a small gold dice in her hand and a lurking Brujah not far away.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Malkavian


Reesa was born to Irish immigrants in 1924. She was deployed overseas in WW2 as a member of the United States Army Nurse Corps. No record of her exists after her deployment in any official records. She was embraced in Russia in 1946 and returned to the states in the early 1950's accompanied by Lorcan O'Shea of Clan Brujah. When asked why they travel together it is simply stated that she is his ward. She has a knack for knowing what people are trying to hide and for rarely being wrong in her predictions. Some call her a seer, an oracle, or one with the sight the titles are irrelevant as the only thing she cares about is making them listen. Bad things tend to happen when people don't. She just wants you to follow the correct path that doesn't lead to the world burning again.


  • " Keep an eye on him, if he dies I know who to blame" - Toirésa Kegan O'Callaghan
  • "Girl could stare a hole through a lead wall, I tell you what." - Tamara Rose Linden
  • "Miss Nurse was fascinating to watch. It must be exhausting seeing signs everywhere. She'd see danger in a new moon." - Lillian Chandler
  • "A total bae, all like cool and shit. Like I think I found like my new bff. Karma
  • "Hun tolket hennes drømmer feil. Jeg er ikke så viktig. Når det er sagt ... Jeg forblir stående." - Olaf
  • "Anyone bored of their unlife or lacking that 'certian something' should spend an evening inside her mind. You will learn to dream again." Adrien Reynard
  • "Don't look at me like that! I didn't say they would be good dreams.." Adrien Reynard
  • "Yes, you can choose to ignore the Seer. When that foolishness costs you in payment dear, know there will be no succor from me. You may be ignorant, that does not mean you must also be lacking in tact." - Olivia Collins
  • "A Seer's vision are never clear but always certain. Listen to her warnings." - Roman
  • “Delightful and mysterious, I could spend weeks in discussion with this one. If she chooses to give you some time, listen” - Æthered Flameborn
  • "Everyone needs guidance. Some more than others. Let it be known that my sire does that... even when someone doesn't know they need it." - Whisper
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  • She isn't here to help. She's an infernal psychopath who wants to see you BURN.
  • The Brujah is actually HER ward. Literally can't function without dear ol' mum.
  • She is behind the deaths of Elder Pascoal of House Saharat.

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