Tomb of the Dying Sun VSS

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Domain Infinite Edge Known Persons Locations VSS

Tomb of the Dying Sun VSS

VSS Template

MES Domain Code (Name): NC-001- D
VSS Name: Tomb of the Dying Sun
VST Name: John Foster
VST Email:
System Name: C-4RL0T- 3 (Tomb of the Dying Sun)
Verge or Expanse: Verge
System Number: NC-001-DV
Theme: Survival and Hope
Mood: Life on a very fine line.

The Tomb is a haven for those that place a higher premium on freedom over security, rife with pirate factions, strange religions, and stranger artifacts; there is no easy life here. But you are free.

Traditional Setting Elements:

Action (Combat and challenges): 4
Character Development (Personal dilemmas and choices): 3
Darkness (PC Corruption): 4
Death (PC Death): 4
Drama (Ceremony and grand story): 3
Intrigue (Politics and negotiation): 3
Manners (Social etiquette and peer pressure): 3
Mystery (Enigmas and investigation): 5

IE Specific Elements:

Politics (Spectrum of local political play): Numerous Pirate factions; their members are colored by their religious leanings
Technology (Confluence of infrastructure and local tech level): 2 (with 2 exceptions)
Science: Hard-ish (We have our facts straight, we are warping them to fit the setting) 3
Supernatural Tolerance: This system is a haven for pirates, undesirables, and low-lives. The Supernaturals fit right in.

Define the Primary Setting:

C-4RL0T- 3 (Tomb of the Dying Sun), hence forth referred to as the Tomb, is a strange system in the extreme. It is a trinary star system that exists in a hollowed out nebula. The Stygian gate itself is actually located within the nebula proper. There are 2 Habitable Planets, a desolate desert sphere and a large jungle world, each has its own challenges to survival. Two dense asteroid belts act as a natural barrier between the planets in the Goldilocks zone and the outer edge of the system where a curious object, perhaps a bit smaller then a proto-planet follows a lazy orbit around the outskirts of the system.

Appendix I - System Timeline

If you could breach the Blade Cyberwarfare security systems, and gain access to the data vaults and logic stacks from the Omega Excavations Corporation, you would learn many mind blasting things. Possession of this knowledge is tantamount to treason and carries with it the appropriate sentences; but there are other nuggets that are less damning, knowledge that many would overlook.
For instance, it well known that the Expanse was open for colonization in 2201, but there are records from survey ships and other craft, with telemetry data that places them well into the borders that would be established as the Verge, in 4060. Not unsurprising, as greed is the primary motivator behind any Mega Corp’s endeavors, no matter what the ad material states.
Thus it was in 3651 that the first expedition to C-4RL0T- 3 was conducted through a forgotten Stygian Gate. They found horror and wonder on the other side; the exit gate was hidden in a radiation soaked nebula, those that survived the initial radiation saturation, ventured out of the nebula into what could only have been an intelligently engineered star system. The Desert world held many natural resources, and the jungle world teemed with animal life. A space station was established over the desert planet, to mine the resources found in the sand. Plans also where laid to establish a colony for the workers on the jungle world. The future seemed bright for Omega.
The first settlement was destroyed over night by the predator filled jungles, the survivors bore scars of not just claw and jaw, but of vicious bacterial and viral infections. OM Consolidated, as was typical of the corporate culture at the time, sent a troops ship the re-establish the colony and bring the world to heel.
The destroyer was prepared for the intense radiation, but as it exited the stygian gate, the strange alien fortress that orbited the very outskirts of the system appeared to activate, emitting some sort of pulse which caused the Nebula's storm to intensify, within seconds the Black Star Fortress enhanced storm annihilated the OM Con destroyer and then fell silent one again. This caused a stir in the system and in OM Con itself, as the Fortress had not been picked up on the original colonist’s scans, and for all intents and purposes had been considered an anomaly of only material interest.
Profits from excavating the desert sands where still high though, higher than had been initially projected, and OM Con decided to continue mining efforts by expanding the mining station with living quarters, and other amenities, and to switch out their skilled labor force for unskilled laborers. This kept the costs of replacing personnel down, while still maintaining a roughly equivalent production schedule. At seemingly completely random intervals the Black Star Fortress will bring it’s strange nebula manipulations to bear on anything entering or leaving the system; transport ship either bringing supplies to or taking raw materials from the surface of the planet, even OM Con destroyers and cruisers. Every attempt to destroy the fortress ended in unmitigated disaster for OM Con, but so has every attempt to reach the station.
The living condition begin to quickly deteriorate, unskilled labor; seen as more expendable, begins to lead to the thinking that they can survive with less, the station becomes over crowded, and vital medicines, food, and equipment begin to come in less frequent intervals. OM Consolidated not wishing to waste skilled piolets and labor on what is to their eyes a suicide attempt.
The Corp employees become desperate, arming their ships with retooled cutting lasers, and mining charges, some take to piracy to provide for themselves and their loved ones. This tactic is effective, raids into Corp controlled space bring back badly needed medicine and other goods to keep the station functional. The station manager, turns a blind eye to these activates, as long as the system is kept safe from scrutiny. Unrest is kept under control with these actions. At the outset of the Silent War, OM Con decides to cut it’s losses and abandons the colonists to their fate.
Pirate raids become more frequent as the desire for vengeance, is mixed with a feeling of tooth and claw survival. Any Silent Warships that entered the system where unceremoniously annihilated, by the enhanced storms of the Black Star Fortress. With Corporate control gone, and the system mostly safe from foreign invasion, the system descends into chaos.

Appendix II - Solar System Composition: Describe the following

Stars: Three small Main sequence stars in perfect orbit of one another.
Planets: One M class jungle world, cataloged as uninhabitable due to it’s unusually high apex predator count. One desert world (technically M-class b/c it can support life) rich in natural resources, due to extreme tectonic upheaval, are located within the sand.
Moons: Two moons orbit the Jungle world, one is an ice ball with no appreciable atmosphere, the other is a hunk of rock, possibly resource rich but with no atmosphere at all.
Asteroid belts: 2 dense asteroid belts enclose the Goldilocks zone. Both are obviously former planets, but nothing more can be discerned, several pirate factions have made this area their home.
Other Elements: None as of yet discovered

Appendix III - Primary Setting Location and Other Important Features

Describe the following elements of the primary setting. Repeat for any Important features.

Environmental Features: The Primary Setting location is an old derelict mining station. Everything is in a constant cycle of breaking down, broke down, and slapdash repair to return the thing back to functionality.
Flora & Fauna: There is a large greenhouse section of the station, that most of the energy and materials of the current station occupants devote toward it’s upkeep and repair. There are animals, mostly strays, or other more esoteric creatures, that wander the habitation blocks.
Culture: A melting pot of different types of chocolate before the pot is turned on.
Economy: Mostly barter and trade, value is determined by utility.
Governance: There is a no unifying organizational body, there are heads of tribes and pirate clans. Most citizens belong to a clan, or tribe. Everyone is armed.
Travel: This can be tricky, walking through another gangs turf can quickly turn from paying a simple toll, to a running gun battle, best to have your travel route planned out ahead of time.

Technology: the tech that is present on the station is enough to process and minerals that can be brought up from the surface. Most of it has been cannibalized to keep the station livable.