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Name: Tor Varg
Deed Names: Thunderwolf, Far Morder
Rank: Voksen (Fostern)
Breed: Menskr (Homid)
Auspice: Modi (Ahroun)
Pack: Black Turtle Pack
Sept: Sept of the Rising Moon
Political Sphere: Sanctum of Gaia
Notable Traits: One Eye, Berserker, Fearless, and Rugged.

Homid Form

Timeline Timeline
1984 - Birth July 13th to Agne Varg and Gunther Varg
2002 - First Change December 19th, the first taste of violence.
2002 - Six months after his first change - Rank 1 Challenge - Cliath - Survive for two weeks in wilderness.
2003 - Rank 2 Challenge - Fostern - War Party to cleanse wyrm tainted area, a wyrm tunnel. Which claimed many Garou lives in the process.
2003 - Gift for a friend lost to the enemy. (Received Armor Fetish) Fetish armor meant for a packmate, whos father gifted it to him instead so that it would be used by a brother in arms of his son.
2004 - Finding out his father’s death was exaggerated.
2005 - The Chase Begins, hunt for the cursed kinfolk, he began hunting down his father.
2008 - Gnostic Plague, the Sept falls.
2009 - A face off during a time of crisis. His mother dies in Battle with the Dark Brigade, while he fights his father in a snow covered Russian town near a coal mine entrance.
2009 - Severe Punishment for not being at the battle involving the Dark Brigade. He was told to kill his father or die trying.
2012 - Hunting his Father. He traveled all over Europe searching for the man he knew as his father, discovered aliases but only caught glimpses of the man.
2015 - A Chance Meeting, he met a pack that specialized in Vampire lore and aided him in killing his father. They did not survive the encounter due to the number of ghouls and the fact his father was intent on corrupting his son to become an abomination but Tor managed to slay him.
2016 - 2017 - Travel globally, aiding allies when needed, trying to learn new things.
2018 - Current Year, with tacos.

Everything Whispered


  • Abandoned his duty to chase after the ghost of his father, whom was said to be dead, his dishonorable actions saw him punished.
  • Slew his own father, to redeem his honor, who had been turned into a wyrm spawn: a Vampire.
  • He may not be heavily favored by Fenris, but he is favored by the Wyld (Wyld Affinity.)
  • His pack called him Thunderwolf due to his every step in ruined any hopes of stealth when he was in anything but Lupus or Homid form.
  • Has a very bad temper.
  • Spoke of his desire to put an end to the Endless Winter, the Apocalypse, this caused Lord Dain of the Freehold to shed a tear.
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Everything Said

  • "Stealth isn't his best attribute." - Unknown.
  • “First Digger, one of the board members of Pentex, then Lord Dain, who made a pony into a unicorn... Strange days.”- Tor
  • “Likes tacos.” - That Asshole
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Allies and Enemies

Black Turtle Pack Glyph




The First Change
It was dark out, passed ten o’clock. The door swung open, in staggered a familiar face covered in blood. Tor stared blankly at his mother, unsure what to do. He helped her to her bedroom so she could lay down, he asked and asked but she was silent, delirious.
An hour later a knock came from the locked front door. Tor went to the door, but did not open it. “It’s late… Go away.”
“Is your mother home?” A grating voice came from the otherside.
“No.” Tor replied.
The door burst in as if it were hit with a battering ram, knocking Tor back and on the ground. The man on the other side was hideous, unnaturally ugly. “Pity, you’ll just have to do then.” His voice harsh and menacing. He approached Tor who was barely even conscious of what was happening until he saw the man standing menacingly over him.
It was a moment later that a large lupine creature clawed the ugly man and knocked him backwards and away from Tor, who struggled to get to his feet, seeing what he was seeing but it just wasn’t computing. The shell shock of what was happening seemed to shut him down a bit. Instinctual he started to move towards the door, but he saw another man coming in, who was holding a large knife that shined brightly, silver.
Tor knew he couldn’t run away so the option was to attack, weaponless, and with abandon. To escape he’d have to risk his life, if he were lucky he could.
The man grinned as Tor came at him and slashed at him with the knife. Tor ducked and tackled the man to the ground. The man swung the knife at him, Tor got a light cut on his shoulder, it stung more than it should, then he was rolled over and the knife was at his face being pushed down and he was holding the man’s arm, only barely keeping it away from his face.

The knife came down, it barely touched Tor’s cheek.
Crinos Form

Something snapped. Tor no longer was conscious, not in a way he understood. His body grew, rage filled his mind, his vision became hazy. Tor rolled over, pinning the man down, the dagger stabbed into his shoulder and he howled in pain, then bit down on the man’s head and in seconds of thrashing the man’s head came from his shoulders, crushed and spat out. Then his new senses kicked in, he smelled blood, heard noises, and he got up and went back in the house, the room was so much smaller. He saw his mother, unconscious laying there with the ugly man standing over her.
“I’ll put you down… Like the do…” Tor cut him off by grabbing the man by the ankles and using him much like a club and slammed him repeatedly into the floor. Tor dug his claws in the ugly man’s legs as he did so, shortly the legs gave way and ripped from the torso and the man screamed in pain. Tor walked over slowly and swung his claws slicing off a hand then leaped on the man tearing him to pieces.
Tor came to hours later on the sofa, covered in blood and ash. The house still stood, his wounds had healed, like a strange dream. His mother was awake, and she’d covered him with a blanket.
She smiled as she cooked breakfast, as if nothing had happened at all.
“It’s time to explain things to you, properly.” She said.

Rite of Passage - Survive the Winter Forest
Rite of Passage

A simple challenge most would think. Survive alone in the forest for two weeks in fall, when food is scarce. Tor did manage to do this, though he came home thinner than before, his hunts may have been successful, there simply were not very many things to hunt. And little to forage for beyond roots, and catching fish in the brook near where he was left to his challenge.

Fostern Challenge - Closing a Wyrm Tunnel
Fostern Glyph

Tor challenged for Fostern, by challenging a fostern who had a reputation of being a bully. He knew his test would be hard if he challenged him, but he also knew this bully wasn’t to bright. So no matter how dangerous the challenge, it would likely involve a fight. Tor was ordered to aid in the closing of a wrym tunnel. Which meant a fight, a deadly fight. A challenge that would be hard. He asked the theurges of the Sept where might a wyrm tunnel be so that he could aid in its closing. They knew of only one, and it was only just barely not a hive it crawled with so many things. It needed closing. Tor had an idea and gathered his pack, asking for their aid in getting other packs to close the wyrm tunnel. He had an idea. Something that several packs could in fact manage. Sure there could be some casualties. They spoke with the other packs, stating the idea. That idea being that if four packs came from different areas and lured the formori and banes away and slaughtered them in ambushes that perhaps one pack could go in and clear off the rest of the banes who stayed behind and properly cleanse the wyrm tunnel.
Tor using Wyld's Undreampt Fury gift

The plan worked as expected, the packs pulled away dozens and dozens of banes and fomori. The wyrm tunnel cleaning ritual was brought forth after the other packs had engaged the enemy properly. Though they were attacked, and Tor leaped into action and stood between himself and the theurge who put down the cleansing circle. He spoke the proper words and the ritual began. Tor spoke a few words of wisdom as he fought, bolstering the galliard and the theurge’s defense. The galliard sung inspirational words to bolster rage, and the Philodox and other Ahroun protected as did Tor. The fight was brutal, Tor was hit repeatedly with savage strikes, one of which claimed his right eye, and another which broke his arm leaving it crippled enough to not be capable of using it during the rest of the fight. His claws and teeth sunk into the banes that attacked them as did his packmates. Though they did slay the banes, the pack of wyrm tainted garou that charged in after prevented them from escaping once the ritual was completely. They pounced upon them from every angle it seemed. The Galliard and Theurge healed wounds of Tor and the other two were more combat specialized, but they were felled quickly, they lie unconscious and the rage blacked out of Tor’s other thoughts. He sliced his claws into the enemy, dropping one in a few savage strikes. His packmates were overwhelmed by the remaining black spiral dancers, however he stood his ground, it was but two he now faced, the others were on the ground, and would remain there, both his allies and the black spirals. Tor however didn’t focus on survival but killing, he struck one’s knee, preventing him from running or properly fighting due to pain and a shredded joint. Then he focused on the other clawing its eyes, torso, legs, whatever he could manage to land a blow on he sought it. He was clawed in the back and on the chest, suddenly bitten on the thigh, and he dug his claws into the skull of the one who bit him, it dropped to the ground. He then sprung on the last, who couldn’t run away. It pleaded for its life, but received no mercy.
He mauled the bodies of the black spirals after in his rage. And he howled mourning the death of his pack. The challenge though, was complete. And the others howled in return hearing the howls of death, they approached and returned the bodies of his dead friends back to the Sept for proper burial and rites.
The Sept Howled and rejoiced their honored dead, and Tor paid respects to his lost brothers and sisters.

Sovngarde Song
The Path
Path to Valhalla
Gone Away
Short Change Hero
In Hell I'll Be In Good Company

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