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Stoic. Protective. Indomitable.




Bjørnens Hus


Grandsire: The Morrigan
Sire: Maebh, The Dark Raven
Torben the Bear
Childer: Abjorn Childer: Ingeborg



Death does not concern us, because as long as we exist, death is not here. And when it does come, we no longer exist.
― Epicurus


Appearance: Torben is a large man, tall and wide, it is easy to see why they called him the bear. His hair is long, and his dresses in an old style.

Notable Traits: Cold Air Surrounds Him, The Scent of Salt and Blood follows him, Norse Rune Tattoos, Obvious Predator

Demeanor: Torben is stoic in public, happy to sit at the side and watch, waiting for things to happen.

728 - Born in a small village in what would be Norway the second of two sons. His older brother, Ulgar, was slim and quick, the wolf to his bear. Torben grew large, strong and tall even among the Ostmen.

745 - Ulgar dies ina raid.

756 - Embrace by Meabh the Dark Raven during a raid on the Irish shore. He travels some with his sire, visiting battlefields and wars, seeing how she moves and works, the types of people she embraces. It shapes him in a way that lasts to this day.

800 - Olaf and Torben had a personality clash early on. Whereas Olaf is able to social, Torben is blunt and crass. Torben's and Olaf's armies clashed multiple times, which started a bitter rivalry, that only got worse when Olaf talked some of Torben's warriors into jumping ship.

Torben believes Olaf is attempting to block him from entering Valhalla and Olaf believes Torben to be an overly religious fool.

1021 - By this time Torben has seen all those he knew in life die, his brother’s wife being the only family he still knew. He longed for more, and tracked down Abjorn, a distant relative, but one that reminded him so much of himself. A bear. A warrior of the gods. Eventually he embraced him, stealing him from the Valkyries like he had been stolen.

1066-1453 - Every major war during this period was visited by Torben, he followed the armies. Those warriors he found the were true to the old ways or even those that reminded him of the old days he would ghoul, turning them into a fighting force. Some he embrace, others died on the battlefield earning their way into Valhalla. For part of this time Torben traveled with Ri Gearg, a kindred who used the wars to study the dead and dying. In 1355, helped Seamus Montague, a Tremere, rescue his childer from a castle in Poland.

1500-1600 - Sailing, sometimes legit, other times as a pirate or smuggler. Was sunk off the coast of India by Roman, Lasombra Sailor, during a thunderstorm.

1600 - Returns to Norway and begins to track down old family lines

1705 - Finds Ingeborg, a blood relative. Eventually embraces her that year.

1745 - A promising prospect for his line, one John Berkly Addington, a merchant with ties to the new world colonies, is pouched by Valeria Decima Avitus, head of Domus Orthia. When he reaches out to the Ventrue he finds her almost unbearable, flippant and condescending, offering a trivial boon for what is a much larger matter. The woman has connections in the city, unlike himself and he is forced to let the matter go publicly. In a fit petty revenge, Torben stole one of the man’s families ship and set sail again.

1775-1783 - American Revolution - After releasing Ingeborg to her own devices Torben ventured to the Americas. He grew to enjoy the American people, their sense of freedom and exploration resonated with him. When they began to fight for that freedom he played a small part where he could. He found warriors that reminded him of his home, of his people and in them found companions. Worked with Mick Mackey to help bring supplies from Europe to the Americans.

1805 - 1815 - Returned to Europe and found some diversion with the Napoleonic Wars, met Selene D'Etienne, a woman whose desire for combat drove her to dress as a man and join the war. Ghouled her as she impressed him thoroughly, would have eventually embraced her into his line but boons were called in and she went to another.

1860 - 1900s - Owned a ship, sailed between the Americas and Europe a number of times. He carried with him a number of kindred during this time, including Francis Sargent, a Malkavian

1914-1918 - World War 1, much like previous wars he found himself on the edges. Watching the new ways that humanity had find to kill each other disheartened him. He was a lack of honor in it, but there was still some of that old feeling.

1939-1945 - World War 2, as this war ground on and Torben saw the depths of depravity and willful slaughter that was laid out he lost faith in finding a war...a battle that would earn him his final rest. War was not the place of warriors and honor any more, it was the domain of machines and killing without seeing your enemy, faceless slaughter.

1946 - 1999 - Returned to the far north to his ancestral home and went into voluntary Torpor after seeing the destruction and mindlessness of WW2. He cast himself into the fjords and let the waters take him. He thought never to awaken again. This was not just a sleep for a time, he thought he was killing himself, this was his way of walking into the sun.

1999 - Woke up to the Red Star Madness, this confused him, he woke in a small cave carved into the fjords, tucked away and hidden from the death that the sun promised. He is not sure who found him and hide him away. So much had changed and there were enemies to fight again, the Sabbat ran rampant, the world was ending and he thought he had found his war.

2008 - 2011 - Fought the Sabbat for control of Manhattan KS

2011-Present - Claimed the city of Manhattan as his Home, close enough to his family to find them if needed but far enough away to let them live their lives. A few stayed behind to share the city with him, and to help set it back on the path to serve the Tower.



  • "Jeg tror han ville ha dødd lenge siden klamret seg til ideen om Valhalla og hans misguided ønske om å dø i kamp. Men her er han i disse nye nettene. Kan han lære av sine feil? Her er hans første leksjon. Gudene løy." - Olaf
  • "I could not think of a more genuinely pleasant way to die. It would be as if Christmas and your birthday were personified as a murderous beserker with such a pleasant, good hearted disposition that you'd find yourself trying to offer him a drink even as he beat you to death with your own torn off arm." - Cornelia Mowebary
  • "The quiet elders come in two types, Scholastic or Death. I would bet this one, given his lineage, is death." - Mila Rurik
  • "Something Something Something" - Someone


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Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Social Class: Elder
Domain:Manhattan, KS
Email Me: Jonathan Felber
Email My VST: Jonathan Felber

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