Torben Kleiber

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Torben Kleiber
Torben Kleiber 1.jpg
Positions None
Status Accepted, Confirmed,
Victorious, Loyal, Loyal, Honorable,
Dignitas Vaunted (Ventrue Only)
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Species Vampire
Clan Ventrue
Sect Camarilla
Generation Ancilla
Lineage House Asher
Sire Harold Rocksford (deceased)
Childer Sophia Komnenos (NPC, deceased)
Nicolas Grey de Ruthyn (deceased)
OOC Information
Player Tim Brandner
MES# US2012090039
VSS Location Omaha, NE

Commonly Known Information

Name: Torben Kleiber

Notable Traits: Torben is a dull, scheming, yet fiercely loyal information broker with a penchant for holding a grudge and unreasonably high expectations that everybody should work towards the betterment of Kindred society. While he may have the enthusiasm of a potato in spoken conversation, his writing is aggressively sardonic, and he has mastered the art of respectfully telling Kindred to go fuck themselves.

Sect: Camarilla

Clan: Torben is a Vaunted member of Clan Ventrue.

Lineage: Childe of Harold Rocksford Jr., childe of Sabastos Palaiologos, childe of Gaius Cornelius Scipio "Caesar of the Night", childe of Septima Dominica, childe of Antonius the Gaul, childe of Ventrue, in the Line of Asher.

Attire: Torben is exclusively seen wearing the exact same attire: A pair of milk-chocolate brown corduroy pants, held to his belly button by a similarly-colored leather belt, a button up shirt with a dense white-blue-purple checkering (always buttoned to the top), a sweater vest patterned with large purple and grey diamonds, a black bow tie with tiny white polka-dots, and a black engineer's cap. Despite never being seen in a different outfit, his clothing is always freshly washed and pressed. He usually carries a black leather folio. His hair is always the exact same length in the exact same style, short and brown, and he always wears a pair of glasses.

Apparent Age: 26

Known Biography

From Birth to Embrace

  • Torben was born in the morning on August 12, 1515 in the Free Imperial City of Straßburg, Holy Roman Empire.
  • Little else is known about Torben until his name first appeared in a written record in 1538 when he enrolled in French and German classes at the Jean Sturm Gymnasium.
  • By 1541 Torben had developed a reputation among the mortals in the region as an information broker. While nobody was entirely sure how he came by his information, it wasn't uncommon for aristocrats and nobleman to solicit Torben's services.
  • Torben was ghouled by Harold Rocksford in 1541 and later Embraced in 1546.

Embrace Until 1815

  • Torben underwent his Agoge in Sao Paulo, Brazil until he was released in 1570. He then traveled to Paris where he remained until 1581.
  • Desiring to explore the world, Torben spent the next few decades travelling. 1581-1585 was spent travelling the French countryside. He returned to Straßburg for a few years, and then traveled the rest of the Holy Roman Empire until 1599.
  • Beginning in 1599 Torben lived just outside of Rome before returning to Paris in 1610.
  • In 1620 Torben started to develop a reputation among Kindred as someone who was working to bring peace between France and the Holy Roman Empire during the Thirty Years War.
  • Torben ghouled a mortal Scribe named Nicolas Grey de Ruthyn in 1623.
  • Torben embraced Nicolas in 1628 and later released him from his Agoge in 1643. Torben remained in Paris until 1670.
  • Torben traveled Europe, beginning with Norway in 1670, Sweden in 1673, and Britain in 1676.
  • In 1681 Torben settled in Spain. While there he met a socialite named Sophia whom he embraced in 1695. Sohpia was released in 1712.
  • Torben returned to Paris with Sophia in 1718.
  • In 1730 Torben heads to London while Sophia returns to Spain. Torben spent a few decades in London with members of his lineage.
  • In 1758 Sophia embraced another Spanish socialite named Gabriella. Torben moved back to Spain in 1764 to assist with Gabriella's Agoge. Torben remained with his childe and grandchilde in Spain until 1813.
  • About a year after the start of the War of 1812 Torben received an invitation from his cousin, Severin Fountaine to help fight some Sabbat outside New Orleans. Sophia meets Final Death during the fighting.

1815 to Chronicle Start

  • Torben disappeared from Kindred society until 1882 when he shows up in London. He leaves London in 1885.
  • After leaving London, Torben returned to the New World where he spends a few years in the countryside of South Carolina.
  • In 1888 Torben attended the release party of Glenwood Justis in Virginia.
  • From 1888 until 1915 Torben traveled north, taking his time to explore the New England region.
  • Torben settled in New York City in 1915. He fled New York before the Sabbat took the city in 1923, heading west.
  • Torben returned to New Orleans in 1923 and remained there until 1938.
  • After leaving New Orleans, Torben returned to Spain and reconnected with his grandchilde, Gabriella.
  • Torben remained in Spain until 1945. He and Gabriella then went to Strasbourg where they remained until 1958.
  • Torben and Gabriella relocated to Paris until 1971, and then to Fiji until 1995.
  • In 1995 Torben brought Gabriella to the New World for the first time. The two roamed the countryside until 2009.
  • Torben and Gabriella settled in Omaha, Nebraska in 2009.
  • In 2011 Torben was present at the death of Herdestadt the Younger.
  • In 2012 Torben was present at the Chicago Blood Accord.
  • In 2014 Torben made his first bid for Harpy of Omaha (Historic Game)

Since Chronicle Start

  • August 2017: After a political maneuver involving the disposition of a clan's seat on the Primogen Council, Torben secured the votes to be named Harpy of Omaha.
  • September 2017: Torben was name Victorious for his performance in an Omaha poker Symbel.
  • September 2017: Torben provided intelligence and logistical support for the Camarilla siege on Toledo. (Ventrue Only: Minor Deed)
  • November 2017: Torben repaired a Masquerade breach in Omaha when two werewolves fought each other, and one ended up slain with his entrails painting the inside of his trailer home. (Ventrue Only: Minor Deed)
  • November/December 2017: When Harpy Alexander Valois of Kelowna, BC accused Ventrue of warmongering in Vancouver, Torben intervened and defended Clan Ventrue from Valois' accusations. This alleviated suspicion from Clan Ventrue, and paved the way for a peace treaty between Clan Ventrue and the Independent Alliance of Vancouver. (Ventrue Only: Major Deed)
  • December 2017/January 2018: Torben publicly accused several Elders of attacking Gaius Cornelius Scipio, warning them, and earning the ire of those who supported the attack.
  • February 2018: Torben was removed as Harpy. Rumor has it that his replacement threatened to murder the Primogen Council and the Prince if Torben was not removed.
  • April 2018: Torben participated in a raid against werewolves in Manhatten, KS, helping the secure the Domain for the Tower.
  • May 2018: After an attempted assassination against the Brujah Primogen of Omaha, Lillian Blackthorne, Torben was tasked by the Prince of Omaha with identifying and locating the culprit. After Torben was *Disgraced* by the Harpy of Omaha, who lied and claimed that Torben contradicted an Archon, Torben refused to aid the Domain or the Brujah Primogen until his censure had expired.
  • June 2018: Torben and the Harpy of Omaha were *Warned* by the Harpy of Kansas City because of their ongoing feud.
  • August 2018: After a brief hiatus, while he waited out the expiration of his *Warning* and *Disgrace*, Torben returned to the public arena, mainly concentrating on family business.

Known Associates

Known Rivals

  • Nathaniel West - Deceased
  • Alexander Valois
  • Alyce Salt
  • Krieger the Golem
  • Dicky Coughlin
  • Diego De Martinez
  • Alfonso De Martinez


  • Torben's childe Shopia's death was Torben's fault. In his despair he entered voluntary torpor, which is why nobody saw him for almost a century.
  • Torben generally dislikes Malkavians because his mortal parents were killing by the Dancing Plague, which he believes was caused by Malkavians.
  • There is an insane Brujah in San Francisco that at one point incessantly talked bad about Torben but has since brought back their harsh words. What changed their mind?
  • The very idea of receiving a letter from him sends some Ventrue Elders into cold sweats.
  • Despite his quiet and withdrawn temperament, gossip is that Torben is much more ambitious than most people would believe.
  • To the dismay of his Elders, it is rumored that Torben will occasionally stand up for his political adversaries, and the adversaries of his lineage, when he deems it to be just.
  • Torben has been taking a more outward-looking approach to his role as Harpy, although it is unclear why his focuses is directed away from his own Domain.
  • He spent many decades living with the Nosferatu, having been sent on a cultural exchange to solidify an alliance between House Asher and a prominent Nosferatu lineage.
  • If Torben opens his mouth wide enough, you might just get a glimpse of Gaius Cornelius Scipio's manicure...
  • Carries the nickname of Kebler Elf, Elf on the Shelf, and Little Timmy Torben for this continued attempts to make the domain he represents as a farce, but only if you ask Krieger the Golem.
  • Claims to punish the wicked and has the power with stand the infernal, enough that he hunts it down.
  • Is missing pet bear he Ghouled and brought with 3 others to a different domain in case a meeting went bad with the Prince. They were quickly replaced.
  • Claims to have been taught by many of good standing, but his Sire and Lineage may have been attempting to send him away because he is too Dull.
  • Some Elders claim that Torben has been wearing the exact same outfit since his embrace, even though many of the articles of clothing had not been invented yet. One Toreador swears the French actually got the idea of the bowtie from Torben, and that Torben invented corduroy just so he could make a pair of pants.
  • Torben's has a massive walk-in closet that is filled with hundreds of duplicates of his outfit. But those claiming to have seen this room report that there was not a single spare bowtie, as if he only has one.
  • Some Kindred suspect that Torben is secretly a Malkavian masquerading as a Ventrue, which explains his inability to wear any other outfits.
  • The Setites swear that they once got Torben to attend a temple party, and the even got Torben to remove his clothing, everything except for the bowtie...


By Torben

  • "That Kindred is a walking embodiment of the phrase 'reclaim the blood.'"
  • "Well, I guess we can't all be embarrassments to our clan."
  • "Take great pride in your actions, as your fellow Ventrue take great pride in your humility."
  • "Next time you wish to insult such honorable individuals, do so more creatively, more descriptively, and in a way grounded in fact."
  • "Why would I ever want to wear something as horrid as a 'tuxedo' when I'm already wearing the pinnacle of professional and regal attire?"

By Others

  • "When a kindred stands a paragon of stability, it is usually because they know how to crumble even the most solid foundation better than those who topple structures all the time." - Valeria Brunsvick
  • "I have been told that you are the person who can help me find the information I need." - A werewolf
  • "His tireless efforts on behalf of our clan have not gone unnoticed. We Kings are made stronger by the work that the he has done on our behalf." - Desmond Aldred
  • "You gotta know when to hold 'em, and know when to fold 'em." - Jimmy Kincaid

Harpy Reports

August 29, 2017
November 3, 2017

OOC Information

Player: Tim Brandner

Player Email:

Storyteller: Rusty Bukoski

Storyteller Email:

Location: Omaha, NE