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Name: Torsten Sichern (pronounced: TAWRS-tən)
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Age: Luminary Elder
Position: Primogen


Torsten Sichern always wears his house colors and is never seen without his staff. He is a tall dark haired man of Germanic descent. Ever since 2008, Torsten seems to have entered into a permanent foul mood.


  • 1440: Born
  • 1470: Sired by Anastasia.
  • 1603: Met Bartleby Crane in London
  • 1651: Sired a childer that would go on to sire Percy Sphere.
  • 1700s: Hunting Sabbat in France. Drops into torpor to heal.Upon waking joined Dutch India Company to expand his hunting area.
  • 1871: Met Jack Rider hunting Sabbat. Arranged to be taught Quietus 1 at a later date.
  • 1860-1880: In Australia hunting Sabbat.
  • 1890: Immigrated to America. Sailed to California.
  • 1950: Takes grandchilde Percy Spears and has him set up NYC Tremere. Percy Spears becomes Primogen.
  • 1952: Moved to NYC to investigate the death of a Tremere.
  • 2008: Fighting Sabbat in Manhattan, KS. Met Benjamin Drake and gave him Favor in exchange for "modernizing" his staff.
  • 2010: Offers his Favor to Mara Nordahl to add modern amenities to his Haven.
  • 2012: With the signing of the Chicago Blood Accords he decides to spend time in the Chantry researching emerging only to feed.
  • 2018: Returns to attending Court due to Percy Spears being Warned.


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Storyteller: Buck C.
Location: New York, NY