Trash Burns Brightly

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Trash Burns Brightly, Dumpster Fire (cub name)

Pack: No Thru Traffic

Society: Concordant of Stars

Sept: Sept of Shadowed Wisdom

Notable Traits

Homid Form: Around six foot and wiry, Trash Burns Brightly has long light brown hair, usually greased back. With what it is best not to ask. His beard is wilder, yet impressive. He usually wears dirty jeans and t-shirt under his fetish armor and oversized duster. Even wearing human form, he smells of wet dog. Rats don't seem to mind though, perhaps attracted by the stench. In the Umbra, he appears slightly larger, his voice deeper and louder.

Lupus Form: He's seems scrawny for a wolf, his light brown fur matted in some places and missing in others. His hind legs are covered in more reddish fur and his chest and back are nearly grey. The smell and the rats are ever present. In the Umbra, his face and tail appear slightly more rat like.

Crinos Form: Just under nine foot tall, his mottle and patch fur pokes through the gaps in his fetish armor. As always, rats follow wherever he goes, and in crinos the smell seems to intensify. In the Umbra, his ears are more rounded and limbs more thin, mixing just a bit of rat like looks in with the wolfen shape.


Publicly know timeline

Early 1990's - Grew up in the Sept, raised by another Bone Gnawer metis of little renown, "Panhandle Johnny"

1995 - Recognized as a Cliath and joins the youngblood pack Grungemonkeys.

1997 - Fully joins the Sept as a Fostern after providing much needed healing during a battle with banes.

2001 - Achieves Arden rank after facing a minor fomorii pack solo.

2005 - Mourns the loss of Uncle “Panhandle Johnny” who fell during the Storm Eater’s return.

2010 - Becomes an Athro by helping to defeat a dangerous spirit in the CyberRealm, along with GlowBug and Scraps.

2011 - The Grungemonkey pack is decimated while on a mission to the nearby Channel Islands. Only Trash Burns Brightly survives, though he is severely wounded.

2012 - No Thru Traffic pack forms officially. Trash takes a seat at the big boy table, taking on the Talesinger position on the council.


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Rantings and Ravings

"So no shit, there we were..." Quotes by him

  • "I'd apologize for interrupting, but I don't actually give a shit. You... come here." - An example of the refreshing no nonsense approach to Garou politics.
  • "FINE! You lead that group, he leads the group going into the umbra. Now shut up and LET'S GO!" - Settling typical Ahroun pissing match.
  • "Him being my second has nothing to do with all this Hawaiian BBQ take out. Now hand me that chicken katsu and I won't tell him you said so." - Regarding Crazy Turtle
  • "He ain't bad for man-born. His work speaks for itself and he lets me sleep on his couch some nights. Little too into his computer games though." - Regarding Glow Bug
  • "In a pack full of homids, we understand each other. We're both chosen of Rat, though that blessin' mighta taken a bit different form." - Regarding Scraps
  • "Thought those people were supposed to all be sleepy naturalists. I like this much better. Not to mention the vodka..." - Regarding Kneels to None

Quotes about him

  • "You may not like the smell, but you will love the end result of his blood sweat and tears. Just don't sniff the fetish afterwards." - Glow Bug
  • "He's really smart even though he looks like someone that wouldn't be but he's seen things. Like...lots of things. Careful of his snacks though. He's...not overly discerning." - Scraps


Fetish Staff.jpg
  • Will eat pretty much anything.
  • Is actually quite mad.
  • Raging alcoholic.
  • Heads a cult of street people.
  • Is a man eater.
  • Was fated to be born a ragabash but he was born prematurely.
  • Can't abide the touch of clean water.
  • Has lost more renown than most have ever earned.
  • Reincarnated spirit of a noble knight of legend.
  • Has no metis deformity.

OOC Information

Player: Jeremy Wood

Player Email:

Storyteller: Justin Searles

Storyteller Email:

Location: Los Angeles, CA