Tremere (Founder)

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Embrace date: 1022 CE
Generation: 3th
Clan: Tremere (Founder)
Sire: Self Created
Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
Current Location: The Vienna chantry
ST Point of Contact: MES ANST Masquerade and AANST Camarilla

Tremere Portrait.gif

Physical Description

The tall, dark and foreboding Tremere was the vaguely tragic founder of the House and clan that bear his name. Tremere was a central European mage who was known for being cold-blooded, brilliant, and a radical. When human, Tremere has short, stringy black hair and wears black tunics.

Brief History

Tremere was a powerful mage turned vampire. While he was mortal he was one of the founders of the Order of Hermes and creator of House Tremere, that would eventually become the vampiric Clan Tremere.

He tested many spells to create eternal life, but found them all fatally flawed. Finally, he concluded that the only form of immortality, without severely degrading the use of magic, was vampirism. After successfully becoming a Cainite, he diablerised Saulot in 1133 CE.

He had received his training under master Guorna, and was one of his senior pupils alongside a young Master Tytalus. This pair of Guorna's pupils had not technically been invited to the event that marked the Pax Hermetica in 767 due to their youth and inexperience, but both of them attended nonetheless since their master had died after receiving the invitation. Once he was inducted into the Order of Hermes during the early Dark Ages, Tremere proved to be ambitious enough to create his own house (most Hermetic Houses were named after titles or mages who existed near the founding of the Order), as he was unwilling to yield to Tytalus, who had similar sentiments and founded House Tytalus instead.

As with other Hermetic mages, Tremere found that the encroaching, if nascent, Consensus was affecting vital Hermetic tools, in particular the longevity potions that allowed him and his peers to live for so long. Casting for solutions with his disciples, he eventually settled on a potion using vampiric blood that would (theoretically) provide all the benefits of vampirism without any of the side effects.

It half worked. Tremere and his councilors found themselves converted from a respected, Hermetic house into pariahs among the Order of Hermes and the vampires whose blood they had stolen to convert themselves into undead. Furthermore, with no knowledge of vampiric society, the fledgling bloodline found itself with no magical resources – the potion shattered their avatars, leaving them unable to work true magic.

Tremere rallied his students and launched an intensive program of research and rebuilding that shook vampiric society. They developed a blood-fueled imitation of Hermetic theory, the Thaumaturgy discipline, as well as horrors such as Gargoyles to defend the fledgling line. In the meantime, the Tremere searched out additional sources to provide them with social defenses against the vampires who, to a clan, seemed singly intent on exterminating them. Tremere learned about Antediluvians and resolved to create a clan by diablerizing one. He choose the relatively innocuous Saulot.

Again, the plan half worked. Tremere had the blood of an Antediluvian in his veins, as well as the soul (which was fully aware and already expecting the diablerie) of an Antediluvian facing him in spiritual combat. Knocked into torpor for centuries, Tremere was able to surface only briefly to guide the clan, and even then he risked Saulot employing the same tactic to destroy the clan in order to further his own inscrutable goals.

Known Childer


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