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This page in In-Character Tremere-only information.

We ask, should you not be playing a Tremere character in the 2017-2019 global chronicle, that you refrain from reading the information on this page.

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General House Tremere knowledge of Thaddeus Moreau

Thaddeus Moreau is a Kindred Ancilla of the male persuasion.

Born: 1805; French-Canadian; speaks many languages fluently.

Acolyte: 1839-1850

Embrace: 1850 by an eighth-generation Tremere in the eastern provinces of Canada. (sire tie needed)

Primary Path of Thaumaturgy: Lure of Flames

Secondary Path: Unknown

Tertiary Path: Unknown

Additional exhibited abilities: Dominate; Medium; expert knowledge of the dead and their habitat

Focus: Security, Masquerade, and lone research expedition specialist

Society: [record sealed]

Accounting: 1859. Following an accounting period of nine years, Thaddeus was released from Accounting following internal review by House Tremere accounting supervisors Saharat and Ové Haskell.

Moreau achieved the Fifth Circle in 1940, upon which he was removed from Regency under (PC tie needed) by Anton Strega, Elder of House Orlov. It is known that Regent (PC tie needed) wished to submit Thaddeus Moreau for censure, but Elder Strega intervened as per the Code of Tremere stipulations regarding claims over promising or uniquely skilled Apprentices. The records of that event are sealed.

As of 2017, Moreau is an accomplished Apprentice Magus of the Seventh Circle of Mysteries, with full membership in one of the Seven Societies, under Regency of Anton Strega of Trenton, NJ. He bears loyalty to only House Tremere and the Camarilla.

Moreau's current assignment is Montreal, Canada. It is known that Anton Strega is not the Regent that chose Moreau for this assignment. The source of the assignment is yet to be known. (PC/NPC tie requested)

As of November 2018, the Camarilla recognizes Thaddeus Moreau as an Elder of the Camarilla, due to his work in ousting the murderers of Cornelia Mowebary, securing Montreal ahead of the expiry of the Blood Accords, and steadfastness in duty to the Camarilla.

As of December 2018, Moreau has been elevated to Regent of the Second Circle by Lord Maxwell Ldescu. While he is the highest ranked Regent of the two in Montreal, he serves as understudy to High Regent Céline Beauharnois (NPC) of Québec City.