Trestram LeStrange

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Trestram LeStrange
Clan: Lasombra Lasombra Symbol.png
Sect: Unaligned LogoVampireAnkh.png
Player: User:Jim Y. US2012080087


Noted fixture of the long nights, the self-proclaimed Elder Corsair Trestram LeStrange is most well known for his grandiose now-Victorian-style masquerade balls and galas. These invite only gatherings have been held intermittently throughout most of the last millennium in various corners of the globe.

An ancient and prolific collector of tomes and lore, Trestram is rumored to occasionally sell access to his library, though the cost is never measured in anything so commonplace as boons.

LeStrange has some "archaic" political leanings as well, openly eschewing all these macro-coteries (sects) as the folly of children who have yet to grasp their individual strength. Consequently, he is devoted to strengthening his clan and guiding wayward Lasombra back onto a righteous path for their entire clan. In his stubborn adherence to the ways of the past however, Trestram ends up respecting the personal fiefdoms of whoever claims praxis. Some have said this is because he legitimately cannot perceive a difference in the multiple warring factions that make up modern kindred over their continuous caterwauling.


  • It is said that LeStrange had a friendly rivalry with Beckett, another British lore-seeker