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Trevor Mulholland, formerly known as Turmoil, is a young Tremere known for his obsession with conspiracy theories (especially within the Camarilla). Having only recently rejoined the Camarilla after a short stint in the Anarch Movement, he has also abandoned his humanity in favor of a strict Path of Enlightenment-- a rare feat for someone so young.

Lesser Status Ban for being on a Path of Enlightenment.

Known only to the Anarch Movement
Turmoil had a short stint as the Constable of Pflugerville, where he rode with a gang called "Midnight Society". He embraced a childe, Rivkah, against the wishes of the Camarilla, who still remains a part of the Movement today.

Known to the Camarilla
Originally embraced into the Camarilla, Trevor abandoned the tower for roughly a decade following the death of his Sire under mysterious circumstances, blaming the Tower's politics for preventing a proper investigation into her death. Following his return to the Tower, he has taken every opportunity to prove his ambition and determination, and recieved accolades from both his Prince and the head of his lineage.

Known to Clan Tremere
Rank: Regent of the First Circle of Mysteries
Apprentice Trevor Mulholland, formerly known only by his shadow name "Turmoil", has an advanced mastery of Thaumaturgy and an unexpected level of political adeptness when it comes to working within the confines of the pyramid. This, combined with a surprising amount of patronage from his lineage, House Kincaid, have resulted in advances in rank normally unheard for his age. Having completed his work within the Anarch Movement, he is currently undergoing a restructuring of his ambition, and many suspect that he may be looking to join a Society to fuel his ambitions.


  • "One, two, three, many grains of salt on the floor? Four, three, two, cannot stop until you are done." - Alistair Beckworth
  • "Master Turmoil appreciates me in the same manner as his sire. For that I'm grateful. Now if he would just let me clean his room..." -- Rivkah
  • "I know what you did, boy." - Clint
  • "This young Kindred is bright, passionate, and willful. He will have a bright future in Clan Tremere one day, but for now I am content to watch and see what he does with all this potential." - Liam Kincaid
  • "Like, are you on the internet much? Cause like, this dude is a total edgelord." - Karma
  • "For someone who likes tech, he sure breaks his phone a lot." - Payback
  • "Fucking Turmoil... He's a lot of things. A lot of people--most people, I bet--think he's dangerous. They're right; the only fucked up part is he's mostly a danger to himself." - Britney Daye
  • "Master of flame, that's cute. The question is, darling, who is your master?" - Flora May
  • "Guy's like the fires he's so fond of and just like them he needs to be directed at what exactly needs to be burned away, lets see if he can be." - Thorn Agmundr
  • "I don't know what that is, but that's not Turmoil. He may have been obnoxious and reckless, but at least he had a spark of something. I've looked at that thing's eyes, and I've heard what he has to say--he's sober, he's single-minded... He's not the Turmoil I know. Hell, I'll admit it; I'm worried." - Britney Daye
  • "Dude's super helpful and smart. But, shit man, I didn't know I could find anyone else as broken and fucked up as I am." - Dahlia
  • "All the burdens of a seer with none of the blessings." - Charles Blaine
  • "He's very terrifying. On top of not being even a little bit human, I feel sad for him. I've never seen someone not of our blood that is so not okay." - Constance Benette


  • Turmoil was a spy for the Tremere into the workings of the Anarch Movement, and responsible for turning over multiple Salubri.
  • He tries his best to pretend that he's not, but Turmoil is in charge of the Tremere in Austin. You didn't hear it from me.
  • During his first few weeks of leaving the Camarilla, he was replaced with a Baali infiltrator.
  • His frequent dealings with the local Kiasyd are the product of his trading Thaumaturgical Training for Mythreceria.
  • Turmoil is such a reckless mess that he got kicked out of a Setite drug den...for being too belligerent.
  • The Tremere were getting too tired of his unpredictable tirades, so they used their magic to make a clone, and have replaced him.
  • Turmoil is a spy, but he's actually working for the separatists to spy on the Camarilla.
  • Your Rumor Here!


Now in your absence I wade \ Through the coursing, lonely, lost \ And in this tragic dismay \ I never could believe what I became.
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone... \ Only darkness every day...


Trevor "Turmoil" Mulholland

Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Austin
Player: Kevin W.
VST: Daniel B.