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Information Known
Names: Trip Line; Amunet, the Hidden One
Title: Awakened
Clan: Follower of Set
Alliance: Independent Alliance of Houston
Current City: Unknown by Nomadic state, location is often changing
Notable Traits:

Blood Bio.png One-Eye. Though sometimes she wears a glass eye, one appears normal and the other looks like the slit of a viper.
Blood Bio.png Not on Path of Humanity.
Blood Bio.png Outlandish clothing style.
Blood Bio.png Keeled orange scales and keeled flesh line along her forehead and cheekbones, belly scales line down her neck, between her collar bone, as well as dotting throughout her body.

Trip Line1.jpg
Rumored Timeline
Blood Bio.png Born: 1973
Blood Bio.png Unknown: Things happened
Blood Bio.png Unknown: Lost
Blood Bio.png Unknown: Whoknows...
Blood Bio.png Unknown: Whereabouts....
Blood Bio.png 2017
Blood Bio.png Adopted by the Followers of Set in Houston, TX, as a temple member and guard to Doyen Djeserit, upon discovering her lack of memory.
Blood Bio.png Drifting between cities within the United States.
Blood Bio.png Disappears again.
Blood Bio.png Appearing in random cities.
Blood Bio.png 2018
Blood Bio.png Appeared in Santos Domingo, DR.
Blood Bio.png Appeared in Memphis, TN.
Blood Bio.png Appeared in Lincoln, NE.
Blood Bio.png Appeared in Phoenix, AZ.
Blood Bio.png Appeared in the Bahamas.
Blood Bio.png Constantly appears in Houston, TX.


Blood Bio.png ” Fucking Trip Line. Jesus. This woman is fucking crazy. Like a real wicked pissah.” - Paddy Murphy
Blood Bio.png ”What the ever-loving fuck are you? I mean... you're awesome, but what the fuck? Come talk to me some time, and rub my fucking belly!” - Trash Panda
Blood Bio.png "Trip Line is a sweet, lost puppy, and I'm happy to provide her the guidance and nurturing she clearly needs. She makes for an excellent student of the Ecstatic Path. I cannot wait to see her fulfill her true potential." - Djeserit al Malik
Blood Bio.png ” Ha, Trips is like totes like cool, like you like know when you've like met like your newest like BFF?? ” - Karma
Blood Bio.png ” Check it. No joke, there we were. I'm sure there will be more stories with that tag line. Right now, it's just... Trip gave me beads.” - Payback
Blood Bio.png ” An odd creature, entertaining, but odd.” - Chimera
Blood Bio.png ” IS there no end to the decadent, drug addled, freakish wastes of vitae around here? At least.. this one is... interesting to behold...” - Liam Dunsirn , Hatchet of San Antonio
Blood Bio.png ”I love it when they talk.” - Richard Taylor
Blood Bio.png ”Trip Line? More like THIRSTY Line!” - Jedrek
Blood Bio.png ”You know, at first when I got here I thought tonight was gonna be shit. It's gotten much better since then. I'm not gonna say it's the coke and Setite, but it's the coke and Setite” - Princess
Blood Bio.png ”She was once so well behaved, house trained even. I'm so glad we've freed her from that drudgery.” - Xavier Frost
Blood Bio.png ”There are very few who are as devoted to their cause as this one is. Step lightly, lest this Viper attack you with the ferocity of a parent guarding it's child. May the Temples of the Red Lord be forever guarded by ones such as this!” - Skylar Cayce
Blood Bio.png ”Quote Here.” - Character Name


Blood Bio.png Is at least 7 feet in her Battle Form.
Blood Bio.png Fucking loves cocaine.
Blood Bio.png Hit cocaine so hard, she broke her nose plowing it into the table.
Blood Bio.png In Houston, usually seen around Djeserit.
Blood Bio.png Too busy stalking Lahab, where ever he goes.
Blood Bio.png Pretty Little Psycho
Blood Bio.png Hiding a truly hideous appearance under all that make-up..
Blood Bio.png Is physically incapable of keeping her legs closed.
Blood Bio.png It took 6 werewolves to drop her.
Blood Bio.png Is actually harder to nail down where she is at.
Blood Bio.png Rumor

"I was stoned. And Taco Bell was closed."

Blood Bio.png

"Don't worry, I can resist everything, except cocaine."


"She's just sunshine mixed with a little hurricane."

Blood Bio.png

"I googled "Who gives a fuck" and apparently my name is not in the results."


Out of Character Information

Player: Elexeia Rouse

Storyteller: Jason Culwell

Play List: Common found on her drive

Ties Sought:

  • I am not looking for any further historical ties.
  • Looking for current in-game ties via live games.
  • Looking to attempt an in chronicle movement of Gangrel joining the Independent Alliance.