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Tris is the lead singer of Tris and the Slut Shamed Banshees. He's unapologetic and brash, but passionate and outspoken about freedom and the movement. To members of the Camarilla that are polite, he shows respect and assists the domains he visits when he can. To his Anarch brethren, he's loyal and honest, and works to further the movement in all his actions.

General Information

Name: Tris
Clan: Sons of Discord / Daughters of Caucophony, but he's often mistaken for a Toreador
Faction: Anarch
Location: Blacksburg, VA
Notable Traits:

  • Very tall with a half foot tall mohawk of varying colors
  • Early twenties in appearance
  • Usually dressed in a pair of tattered blue jeans and combat boots with either a Slutshamed Banshees t-shirt or a vest and skull tie.

Known History

  • 2007 - Embraced
  • 2008 - Has reached significant popularity in the local punk crowd
  • 2008 - Joins the Anarch Movement
  • 2008-2017 - Traveling the East coast, performing and watching shows.
  • 2017 - Settles in Blacksburg, VA

Friends and Allies


  • "Our existence together is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness." - Ruby Atomic
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Contact Info

Player: Shawn L, us2003041484
Location: New River Valley (Blacksburg), VA
ST Info: James M. Logue
ST Email: