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“I never lie to any man because I don’t fear anyone. The only time you lie is when you are afraid”
~ John Gotti


Known Information:

Name: Tristan Giovanni
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent Alliance

Tristan is a young hot-headed Giovanni who is the muscle for their family and solves most problems with violence. Hailing from the deep south, Tris wouldn’t have received the Proxy Kiss had not the Giovanni’s numbers be few and far below the Dixie Belt. As one so physically inclined, it haunts Tristan that their family had to bail them out in an altercation with the Sabbat; an event that has left scars both mental and physical.

Biography – Known to the Giovanni

  • 1905: Birminghamd, Alabma: Born to an Irish Union Man and a young mother descended from the Milliners, Tristan is the fourth of sixth childeren.
  • 1922: To the distraught of their family Tristan begins to moonlight bootlegging across the states grabbing the attention of their Family's sponsers.
  • 1926: In order to help build their influence across the Deep South Tristan receives the Proxy Kiss.
  • 1932: Tristan joins the ranks of the family

Slander & Lies

  • When their family recovered Tris from their enemies, Tristan was missing alot more than just blood.
  • Enjoys drinking the blood of soldiers while listening to Eric Clapton.
  • It is said that Tristan has to replace their dead eye every so often, placing a fresh one to replace the rotted one.
  • Tore off some dudes arms and beat him to death with them


OOC Information

Player: Jaimie Spencer. 2013010051

Storyteller: Clint H.

Location: Atlanta, GA

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