Tristan Katharos

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Known Information

"Family is the beginning, the end, and the answer"

Name: Tristan Katharos

Notable Traits: Goggles, mechanics jumpsuit, hates eye contact, engineer and pilot of the Sidereal

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Wellington, Tristan's poorly-behaved pet dog


Cosmic Castaway, Electrasy
Technologic, Daft Punk

Wellington in one of his worse moods


  • Is actually deathly afraid of his brother's cat, but doesn't have the heart to tell him.
  • Tristan wants to try and analyze ever different kind of food on the station.
  • Wishes he was a dragon.
  • Likes to pet soft things.
  • Loves bananas. Whatever those are.
  • But only the ones that aren't ripe yet, because they're green.
  • His ears are so sensitive because he is the primal kind of mage, those that turn into wolves...and cats.
  • Has destroyed planets. Yes, planets...well they were small, but still.
  • Flirts in binary code.
  • He wishes to have children, raise a family, get married, settle down on a nice planet start growing bananas, even if he has to invent them.
  • Algae wafers are simply those who have wronged him in past. Why else would someone be so fascinated in the molecular components of such a base plant unless they are the remains of your foes.
  • His blood is green, and has been since his awakening.


  • "I was raised with the understanding that in House Katharos, family is the beginning, the end, and the answer. Tristan is the only family I have left. Knowing what you do now, do you really think I'm going to take you roaring into his ear with grace?" - Evander Katharos
  • "Tristan is easy to deal with. Knows things I don't. I think we can build some interesting things together." - Elyl
  • "An unusual one. But out here, unusual is refreshing, I like him. Sure he's got his quirks, but then again, what interesting person doesn't have them?" - Ehroth
  • So when does he pop? I mean the moment something isn't Green he's going to go all cosmic solar flare is a possibility. Alek
  • "Iskra much like Tristan. Want learn like Iskra. Is much nice" - Iskra
  • "Tristan is a fine mechanic, and a skilled computer specialist. I look forward to hiring him again." - Dresden
  • "Elyl has decided that this one should have guidance, and finds him to be an appropriate work partner, I have found that he has a good mind, and a polite tongue. I like him." - Hafal Ur
  • "I like him. He is very kind. He took the time to appreciate the wildness I am. He and his brother are quite a pair." - Quasar
  • "Onion. All I'm going to say."- Alek
  • "He's not the same young man I met all those years ago." - Magnus Duskthorne
  • "You know those moments in life that are so amazing you just can't turn away from? That happened when Prin hit on this guy." Axion Attonborough
  • "A great pity that he could not escape the cage of his family even with exile. It followed after him." Prin Dawnbright
  • "If he were a wolf, I'd assume that the color green had something to do with a ban or bane for him." Zellebrium Prox

OOC Information

Player: Lindsey Douglas

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Storyteller: Kelsey Greene

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Location: Wayfinder Station