Tristan May

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Tristan May

Notable Traits: An elegant man who always dresses in a blue suit.

Generation and Clan: 11th Generation Toreador, House Friday

Society: Acknowledged Camarilla; Neonate

Abiding Status: None

Fleeting Status: Favored: Elder Prince Jack Ryder

Courageous: Elder Prince Jack Ryder

Sire: Freya Gefjun

Childer: None



1963 - Tristan is born in April in the US.

1980 - Tristan moves to NYC.

1985 - In July, Tristan is embraced by a woman going by Alice May in NYC. He is promptly moved to Kansas City to complete his Accounting.

1987 - Tristan completes Accounting, becoming Acknowledged in the Camarilla, and moves back to the East Coast.

1987 - 1990 - Tristan wanders the East Coast.

1990 - Tristan settles in NYC once again.

2001 - In January, Tristan moves to Venice.

2016 - In December, Tristan leaves Venice.

2017 - In March, Tristan returns to NYC and is currently settled there.


It's said that Tristan never uses models, though it's unclear why.

Some have claimed that Tristan spends an awful amount of time near the docks.

Tristan is allergic to denim.


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OOC Information

Player: Adrien Kemper US2017060043

Player Email:

Storyteller: Marshall Crutchfield

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Location: New York, NY