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Clan:Tzimisce, Pure Blood
Status:Acknowledged; Authority, Commander, and Sovereign as Prince of Seattle; Confirmed, Established, & Privileged as an Elder of the Camarilla; declared Loyal by Prince Carden d’Vergobret of Vancouver; and declared Honorable by Luminary Tsisia Orbeli

Before the plague of kindred wars gripped Eastern Europe, Tsinna was a little consequence, tending gardens and libraries, but when conflict shook his home he became eyes and memory for his clan, watching and chronicling the horrors of immortality cut short. Impassible rain slicked crags, Tremere chantries, back streets of Constantinople, ships on the Black Sea, Tsinna brought back stories of them all. In his survival, Tsinna nearly outlived his usefulness, but, as the disease that gripped their cousins drove them to murder and madness and as the nascent Camarilla moved to quell all opposition, Tsinna's sire found one more use for him.

For nearly two centuries, Tsinna was traded among elders of the Camarilla, a political hostage to ensure a non-aggression pact that kept his sire from having to fight on two fronts. Most hosts didn't quite know what to do with him, simply giving him free rein to tend their gardens, which were always left in better shape than how he found them. Some few took advantage of his brain. All presented something new to Tsinna, and the world outside of the Land Beyond the Forest enchanted him. So, when his time as a hostage was complete, he chose to stay. To return home would be to return to isolation. To join the Camarilla, was to experience the world.

The wandering Tzimisce rarely stayed in the same place for long. The prejudices of other kindred drove him as much as his curiosity to see the next horizon, to taste its soil, and cultivate its plants. Eventually someone made him an offer that enticed him. Before he could move on, the Prince of Seattle asked Tsinna to serve as Seneschal, and this gave him a reason to stay.

In modern nights, Tsinna, attempted to retire from his former court life and quietly tend his garden. In this he failed, instead he assumed the mantle of Prince of Seattle.

  • What have you heard?
  • "Elder Tsinna seems to understand how to put roots down in a single place, how to tend it, make it better. I try to help him when pp can. I think it is time I tried to do the same." - Brenda Bittersea
  • "So on the one hand, he's as cold and arrogant as any Fiend I've ever met. On the other hand, he seems to hate Fiends as much as I do, which makes him easy to talk to about some things. Short story long, I stay away from him as much as I can, because any Elder easy to talk to spells danger." - Jentry Nix
  • "He's cold, calculating, and aloof, admirable traits to some. What's more important is that he has not only survived, but thrived in an environment where his blood is reviled. Definently someone to pay attention to, if one is wise." - Xavier Frost
  • "So there I am at the Conclave debates and this guy comes up debate me, and he's circling me like a shark while he's doing it. So I can see people in the audience getting itchy, like they think it's about to be go time. And all the time I'm thinking, if I kick this dude's ass can I keep that coat? What man? It was a cool fucking coat." - Dicky Coughlin
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