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The Details

Name: Tsomo, Unravels the Coil
Tribe: Stargazer
Sept: Hidden Spring
Notable Traits: 55 year old Tibetan monk, walks with a notable limp

Known to the Nation

Tsomo has visited many septs over the past nearly four decades though he has never stayed in any one location long. This may explain his low Rank despite his, for the Garou Nation, advanced age. He is searching for something, perhaps some lost knowledge, perhaps a home, perhaps a way to the harmony in all things. Whatever he's looking for, only he knows for sure. He is also considered something of a bad luck charm, having been present at the fall of Shaglu Monastery and other Septs around the world.


1959: Born. His parents are exiled from the lands of the Sept, and are slain during the violence around the Tibet Uprising.
1960: Formally adopted into the Sept by the pack alpha, and raised among buddhist and taoist teachings
1969: Sept comes under attack by the Chinese army as the Cultural Revolution destroys many ancient Tibetan structures. Many members of his original pack are killed while in Homid form.
1970: Alongside the remnants of the pack, Tsomo arrives in India alongside other Tibetan refugees. He is aided in his journey across Asia by Gui De Xing Lai, but she does not stay long in India. After her departure, the pack formally dissolves.
1973: Undergoes his First Change.
1975: Tsomo departs the Indian subcontinent on a journey to find out who he is.
1975-1999: Tsomo wanders the world, seeking knowledge and experience. Along the way, he gains a reputation for having an odd sort of wisdom. Near the end of 1999, at an urging he can't identify, he returns to Tibet and the Sept of the Snow Leopard
1984: Spending a year in England, Tsomo tutors a young Maya Nadoo in the ways of Zen Buddhism
1999: Tsomo is present during the Siege of the Sept of the Snow Leopard, and is one of the first to lead Stargazers away from the Sept when the inevitable becomes apparent. After the destruction of the Sept, Tsomo works to shepherd the fleeing Stargazers to safety as best he can.
2000: He learns that Gui De Xing Lai is in America, and knows that she may be the last member of his original pack. He leaves Tibet to head to an unfamiliar country in search of her.
2001-2008: Tsomo wanders the highways, rivers, and byways of America. Nominally looking for Gui De Xing Lai, his journey turns into one of self-discovery.
2008: The Crimson Night. Tsomo happens upon a Lost Cub near Washington, DC, who has undergone a painful First Change. Tsomo attempts to help the Cub, but the Cub turns feral and attacks, resulting in the brutal death of the Cub’s family. Tsomo turns to the local Sept for assistance, but is seen in Crinos form near the incident by a group of Hunters. These Hunters believe Tsomo to be responsible for the brutal murders, and begin tracking him.
2009: Tsomo reunites with Gui De Xing Lai and her daughter, Choden, in Austin.
2010-2015: Tsomo and Choden wander throughout North America. Tsomo wants the younger girl to experience the world as much as she can with as little guidance as possible.
2016: Choden and Tsomo return to Austin, and are present at the founding of the Sept of the Hidden Spring
2017: Tsomo speaks at the Grand Conclave on several matters before the Nation, and is among the only Cliath to do so 2018: Attains the rank of Fostern to the Nation, is named Guardian of the Sept of the Hidden Spring

Known Associates


  • He asks a lot of questions, but doesn't give any answers.
  • He's secretly a Ragabash, and testing boundaries whenever possible.
  • So he doesn't have any money or possessions, besides that stick right? So how does he get places? He doesn't just.. walk there, does he?
  • He's Homid all the time so that means he's Homid right?
  • Has anyone figured out how he knows so much about leeches?
  • (Insert Your Rumors Here)


  • "Discussing philosophy with Tsomo is like chasing your own tail. You're not quite sure what to do once you catch it." - Rachel Shaheen
  • "Tsomo speaks philosophy like others do English: with an intake of breath, and an exhalation of wisdom." - Geralt ibn Herza
  • "I'm sure he is all kinds of wise, what with his Mr. Miyagi thing he has going. But all that wisdom is lost in those blasted riddles." - Jason Rykr
  • "I quite enjoy our talks. He's a thoughtful individual, and I enjoy how he thinks. I hope that he finds our talks as enlightening and entertaining as I do." Ember Fannon
  • "He is in fucking trouble." - Cassie Mavros-Ruiz
  • "He asks the wrong questions." -Josiah
  • "A deeply thoughtful and sensitive individual. He's slow to move, and will ask questions until a thing unravels. We're basically at the opposite end of any spectrum you could put a name to. Isn't the diversity of the Garou Nation remarkable?" - Momfriend
  • "Despite knowing what he did, he seemed a thoughtful and mellow sort. I hope to speak with him and perhaps understand where he comes from and his motivations. Maybe over tea and snacks?" - Felicity Faire
  • "He's the Dad I never had. He took over with my mother died. He gave me the bite when I asked for it, only once EARNED it. Sometimes, we honor our caregivers by exceeding them. Sometimes, our greatest gift to the world is our children. His purpose is unknowable to the impatient." - Choden
  • "Hell no he isn't going to say anything more. What? That's his whole aesthetic. You know, the wise old guy who says things but not really." - Cassie Mavros-Ruiz
  • "When a girl needs to bash shit, it's good to have someone around to keep the bad guys from zapping you with the woo-woo shit. This guy! He's great for that!" - Kneecap


OOC Stuff

Player: Monjoni Osso

Player Email: monjio25@gmail.com

Storyteller: Stephanie Williams

Storyteller Email: sc.austin.apocolypse@gmail.com

Location: Austin, TX