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Written Words
Innate Status
  • None
Abiding Status
  • None
Fleeting Status
  • None

Very little is known about the enigmatic Salubri . They say that one day he just appeared in the Last Vigil pack, a nomadic pack that finally settled in Abbotsford British Columbia.

While stoic, to the point where conversations with him have led to many awkward exchanges (more probably due to lack of social skills on Tyrus' part) lately it has seemed that he is slowly growing into more of a diplomatic side. Whether that is due to osmosis from his more gregarious former sectmates in Archbishop Stanislaus and La Mariposa, or whatever had addled him when he first appeared on the scene was slowly being overcome by him, it truly has shown another side to him.

After the events of the Conclave in Arizona, Tyrus left the Sabbat through some unknown means whether on his own or with assistance. He has since appeared in various cities throughout Canada and the United States, ranging from Vancouver to Portland to San Diego. He seems nonplussed at the thought of his former sect hunting him, and he so far has been willing to speak openly of why he left, if anyone gathered the courage enough to ask him.

Notable Traits

  • Tyrus has the trait of every other kinsmen of his blood. He possesses three eyes
  • Openly calls himself a "Knight" implying he walks the road of Honorable Accord
  • Is rarely scene without his incredibly heavy seven foot long two handed war hammer
  • Will occasionally drift off or rub his temples, almost as if he has a migraine
  • Possesses the Notoriety Flaw as the former Templar to the Archbishop of Abbotsford, BC
  • Is a known Elder

The Thoughts of Others


  • "Consider one of two options. Either my power is so infinite and terrifying that the Sabbat, and more importantly the Inquisition, allow me to walk their halls without harassment out of fear, or am I truly not as the false clan of usurpers claim infernal. I will leave the choice up to you, and know that if you chose the first option, I shall truly be flattered." - Tyrus
  • "Honey and vinegar to attract flies and bee alike. Let us watch the poison spread." - Verkenner
  • "I came out to Palla Grande with the blessings of the Regent himself, and Serafino Morreti as well. I expected to see monsters doing monstrous things, and you can bet your boot nails ain't a coward that was invited out to this. What I did not expect was to find a man of honor among these folk that sat together elbow to bloody elbow, swearin' their oaths with burnin' brands and charred up arms. What I found in Palla Grande was a man of his word. Now, my respect ain't cheap, but Tyrus? He earned as much." - Tamara Rose Linden
  • "A true and honorable brother, but he must remember who will fight for him in the end. And remember how little pleasant words protected his kind in the past." - Raven Tempestarii
  • "He's a good example of the UltraCons, stoic, glowering, and believing himself to be the star of some fucked off play. That being said, he's nice enough and dedicated, I'm a fan." - Mordechai
  • "If this is what the new face of the Sabbat looks like, then the Sabbat is as dangerous as ever. The most dangerous things often come wrapped in polite packages." - Jentry Nix
  • "Tyrus exemplifies the Furies of our clan. His honor is stronger than steel, and I am proud to call him Brother. It is truly a blessing to have him here to teach me... I just wish he'd smile once in a while." - Teagan Anderson


  • Was discovered in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona by Anthony Diaz
  • While his hatred of Tremere is well known, he has shown begrudging respect to those who would dare approach him openly
  • Is over two thousand years old
  • His brain has been Conditioned so much by someone, he remembers nothing of his life
  • There is a Tremere methuselah living within him after they were diablerized by him
  • Witnessed the Tremere Antideluvian destroy all the original Antitribu and throw Goratrix in the mirror
  • Can name, and has met the members of the original Inner Council of the Tremere
  • Was Goratrix's personal slave for over a millennia
  • He has been seen in the company of several Tower loyal Assamites recently.
  • Left the Conclave in Phoenix in the company of the Camarilla


Player: Brad Penstone
C@M Number: CA2015111401
Location: Las Vegas, NV


Clan: Salubri
Sect: Unaligned
Domain: San Francisco, CA
Player: Brad Penstone
VST: Conner Nigrovic