Ula Olafsdottir

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Notable Traits

Ula is a burdened Gangrel with a tragically kind heart who spends her nights assisting those whose dreams have been cut short in fulfilling their potential. She sees her own dreams as fools’ errands so she dreams vicariously through others. She is known for her delivery service. She eerily smells of old blood.


  • Borselv, Norway (1305)
  • Selkopp, Norway (1306-1307)
  • Saraby, Norway (1307-1309)
  • Bilto, Norway (1309-1310)
  • Morsvikbotn, Norway (1310-1315)
  • Trondhelm, Norway (1316-1324)
  • Tydal, Norway (1324)
  • Orkney, Scotland (1325-1450)
  • Dornie, Scotland (1450-1523)
  • Newport, Wales (1523)
  • Central and Southern Europe (1523-1528)
  • Italy (1528): The Promise
  • Aosta, Italy (1529-1533)
  • from Switzerland through France (1533-1555)
  • Rouen, France (1555)
  • Montpellier, France (1555-1593)
  • Aosta, Italy (1593-1688)
  • Italy to France to Canada (1688-1691)
  • Quebec, Canada (1691-1696)
  • United States (1699-1759)
  • Ohio River Valley (1760-1769)
  • Richmond Hill, Georgia (1769)
  • Savannah, Georgia (1770-current)
  • Atlanta, Georgia (1/1/1860)
  • Ural Mountains, Russia (2010): the Battle of the Urals.



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  • Ula is actually mortally related to Olaf Magnusson.
  • Ula has a phobia of ghosts.
  • Ula follows the Old Ways and is intolerant of the Catholic Church and its missionaries.
  • Ula is a teacher of the Old Ways and instructs younger Gangrel in the worship of the old gods.
  • Ula searched for her Sire, Ulfric, for centuries.
  • Ulfric is dead. Ula gave him Final Death for being inadequate.
  • Ula only embraces from the bravest warrior stock.
  • Ula only embraces those on the brink of death.
  • There is a Tremere hunting Ula for her part in the destruction of his cabal mate.
  • Ula forced Prince Wenlock to institute the Discourteous Courtesies of Savannah (1865-2010).
  • Ula was in a coterie of Gangrel and Tremere.
  • Ula is in a coterie with Malkavian and Nosferatu.
  • Ula refuses to acknowledge the status ban placed on all Gangrel since the Clan's departure from the Camarilla.
  • Ula views all Gangrel who left the Tower as cowards.
  • Ula believes the draugar of the Einherjar who fell to the Ventrue haunt the land of her birth.
  • Ula has Prince Wenlock staked somewhere within the boarder territories of Savannah.
  • Ula has a secret bond with a coterie of Assamites.
  • None of Ula's childer are "quite normal".
  • Ula keeps an army of Gangrel at her beck and call.
  • It has been said Ula isn't real, but a myth to keep younger Gangrel in line.


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  • "Aldri feil henne godhet for svakhet fordi hennes blod er kongens blod." - Olaf
  • "Our ways have much in common, If only her first recourse was not war." - Standing River
  • "You gotta have respect for an elder willing to take a hit for the team." - Dicky Coughlin

Known Associates

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  • Caliban
  • Lorenzo Giovanni di Calderari
  • The Shotgun Shack
  • Shaharazadii
  • Montenegro