Ulric of Gangrel

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Appearance: Ulric was a massive man back in his time, the current nights he fits in rather easily. He dresses in mostly simple clothes, button up shirts with the sleeves rolled up, jeans and boots. His attire allows him to stay out of the radar of hunters, while not being an issue to acquire and replace.

Behavior: Ulric avoids direct conflicts. He is known to stay in isolation

Notable Traits: Ulric has runic tattoo work done around his neck and over his right eye.

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  • 2018, June - Ulric leaves his isolation, stepping fully into the Camarilla. This is the first time he has been known to take a Sect.

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  • "Min childe ble formet på ambolten, smidd i brann og temperert i kamp." - Olaf
  • "One cannot have a long and successful partnership as ours without developing great affection for one another. I am his necessary evil. Quinntessence Locke
  • "The cool Ulric. Seriously. The other one wears a goddamn crown. WTH." - Becky Fuchs
  • "Dude is the first one to call me young for a long time. And is actually the first person I believe is old enough to do so and not earn a place on my shit list. I like him, I really do." - Jedrek
  • "As a ghoul, Ulric sometimes terrified me. He was the predator, hungry, barely in control, and sometimes gave me a look that seemed he had forgotten I was his Father's property. When Olaf disappeared, I fled in search of a new Family to serve. Since my Embrace I have come to understand what I could not, back then, and wonder what might have happened if I had stayed to serve him instead..." - Mischief
  • "It is interesting to have heard of him from afar, knowing that he stood apart for so very long...and to see that he has made the choice to ... if not embrace the Camarilla, at the very least, join the danse. I can hardly blame him for standing aside for so long...but it does leave one to wonder. Why now? I look forward to finding out." - Aodhan the Druid