Ulysses Beauregard Aldeen

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Written Words

Innate Status
  • Accredited (much to his chagrin some days)
Abiding Status
  • Established
  • Venerated

Both as Emissary to Vancouver, British Columbia

Fleeting Status
  • Lesser Status Ban for being Outspoken as not a fan of the Independent Alliance for various reasons

1764: Ulysses is born into an upper class southern family

1779: He is expelled from school due to certain improprieties, not the least of which he is found ditching it to gallivant around with the teenage girls of the city

1784: Ulysses is introduced to while out carousing one evening at a local brothel. After several late rendezvous, Ulysses is brought into the Setite fold by becoming a ghoul.

1785: Given his first challenge by his sire, Ulysses is told to infiltrate the Protestant churches along the Antebellum south. Once he was able to turn enough of them towards the true God of Set, he would be rewarded with the embrace.

1790: After managing to turn several churches toward Set, and developing his own cult in the process Ulysses was granted the embrace.

1791-1864: Missionary work continued in the south. Using his considerable resources he was able to avoid any sort of involvement in the Civil War.

1850-1864: As the Yankees began to raze the homes of Southerners, Ulysses decided to avoid the fires and arrests. He learned of a river pirate named Joanna who travels the Mississippi River. He eventually meets the captain and discovers she is an Assamite named Faith and her sire Junaid are the ones running the ship. He pays them each a minor boon for feeding from their crew. He spends the rest of his voyage attempting to persuade Faith to join one of his churches, to which she respectfully responds by reciting 10 Hail Mary's and the Lord's Prayer. When the Union forces have left his property, she leaves him at his home.

1860: Ulysses begins to get involved in trading Opium to China despite governmental restrictions. He offers addicts free passage to the Americas in exchange for work in his churches. He makes a rather large profit off of it.

October 25 1865: The paddle-wheel steamer SS Republic sinks off the Georgia coast, with a cargo of $400,000 in coins. Faith contacts Ulysses to enact a partnership to get the money. Ulysses provides most of the manpower and stirs a legion of ne'er-do-wells to follow their greed to acquire the money for him. He gives them 10%, takes 50% for himself, and retrieves the boat and 30% for Faith. Much of the coins and a replacement ship remain in the coast.

1866-1870: After seeing how much greed politics can support, Ulysses decides to try his hand at it. With the popularity of Ulysses S. Grant in the North, Ulysses own success is boosted. He uses the tag line of "supported by the South's Ulysses, to run opposed to Ulysses Grant". It is surprisingly popular in the local Christian churches and boots his own church's popularity. He fakes his own death after a good run of it to prevent the Kine from catching on and leaves everything to his "long lost nephew".

1870-1890: Ulysses follows the Gold Rush to San Francisco. During the early evening he runs a protestant church at one of the mining towns. During the night he runs an opium den, after the success of his previous opium dealings, in central San Francisco.

1890: The Picture of Dorian Grey is published. Ulysses bans it from his church patrons inspiring many of the rebellious youth to seek out copies of it. He uses their fascination with it to garner more cultists.

1890-1900: Ulysses begins to sell opium more privately, having prostitutes deliver it by hand to addicts homes. The slow death of the gold rush lead to more disheartened clientele and more women willing to work for extra money. In the end of the century, he decided it was time to leave again rather than risk being discovered and left a priest to run Set's followers.

1900-1920s: Follows the railroads back to Chicago.

1920s: Met Rose Aygul in Chicago to learn Path of Ecstasy. The most intense lesson of his life/unlife.

1940: The Second World War begins. Ulysses trades Nazi gold through Swiss banks.

1941-2011: Stuff happened, although he is rather quiet about it.

2011: The Independent Alliance is formed. Fearing that running into his old nemesis at the signing would be bad for his health, Ulysses simply let it happen and did not attend the signing.

2012-2015: Spends a decent amount of time on vacation in Amsterdam, reveling in all the debauched glory.

2016 to present day: Ends up arriving in Lacey Washington, having managed to findFaith again. Having failed the first time to show her the light her, he felt it was time to give it another go, and maybe drag her whole family along with her.

2019: Having served his purpose in Olympia for the last three years, the Followers of Set send him to Vancouver, so that he could hopefully begin to repair the damage done by his predecessors.

Ulysses 2.jpg

Notable Traits

  • Speaks with a distinct southern drawl
  • Is very obviously on a Path of Enlightenment
  • Is an actual priest of the Evangelical Church
  • Has aspirations of High Priest of Set


The Thoughts of Others


  • "Darlin', simply ask and whatever you desire shall be yours, no questions asked."
  • "He was really helpful when we met. I know so much about Set now!" - Caleb Milliner
  • "Oh that's Ulysses? Hey Ulysses! I take back my flirting, I don't have a death wish." - André Kaule
  • "There's no sight quite like the coiled snake, the victim enchanted to the last breath. And then that snake goes and winks at you over the poor thing's shoulder." - Lucy Giovanni
  • "Ugh, THAT guy." - Jentry
  • "Are you saying that I missed Ulysses by missing the Longest Night Ball? Sounds like I've actually won. Drinks on me!" - Kweene
  • "Ohh, my dear cousin. I admire his conviction and drive, but there is such a thing as tact. A shackle to be sure, but a useful one at times. Ulysses should learn to utilize the Aeons tools against them." - Xavier Frost
  • "You can say what you will about Ulysses, but of all the Kindred I've met in my years, he has always been frank with me, he has never exerted his will over me... he has been kind to me. I can't say that about many of the Kindred I know." - Avery Barnes


  • Has several Kindred lovers of all genders
  • Is three points bound to Grand Harpy Faith of Olympia, Washington and would do anything for her
  • Has a personal vendetta against a specific Giovanni
  • Despises the IA and believes it a waste of time
  • Has a "thing" for women in powerful positions, especially Harpies
  • Has childer but has no contact with them, instead working with his grand and great grandchilder more often than not
  • Once jumped out of a cake to thunderous applause



Player: Brad Penstone
C@M Number: CA2015111401
Location: Vancouver, BC

Ulysses Beauregard Aldeen

Clan: Followers of Set
Sect: Independent Alliance
Domain: Olympia, Washington
Player: Brad Penstone
VST: Jason C