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Name: Uncle Joe
Deed Name: Your Embarrassing Uncle
Breed: Homid
Rank: Athro

Sept: Where ever he happens to be
Pack: Who ever is dumb enough to let him crash there


Joe is an old Trickster who, according to his stories (if one were to believe his stories), came of age in the 60's and had his first change during the Summer of Love during a Vision Quest out in the Sonoran Desert. He vanished shortly after that into the Umbra and, once again according to his stories, spent a long time in the Astral Reaches of the Umbra on some extended secret mission for "Old Man Coyote". He may have never been in the Umbra, but he does appear to know a great deal about it and some of its more esoteric realms.

One of the few things about Uncle Joe's travels that can be confirmed, because there were other people there to confirm it, was that he helped locate anchorheads to Pangea in an effort to assist the Quest to recover the seeds for the creation of the first caern seeds. By Joe's telling of it, he knew the way because it was his favorite place to get the best "herbs".

He has also appeared a few times in recent years to Garou and Fera who had sunk into grips of Harano. Few of the people who met Uncle Joe under these circumstances are willing to talk about how he pulled them from their pit of despair... only that they are better now, a small handful are even thankful that he was there to help them.

Rumors and Lies

  • Uncle Joe no longer remembers his last name, he does tell a story about trading it to somebody in the Umbra, but who that is changes with each telling.
  • There is some controversy about his most recent rank challenge, because of some creative interpretation of what was wanted by the one he challenged.
  • The reason why few people have met Uncle Joe is because he masquerades around as a Silent Strider.
  • ... and a Corax.
  • ... and a Child of Gaia kinfolk.
  • ... and for a short period as a Silver Fang.
  • He hasn't been sober since a very short period in the 70's


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Friends, Contacts, & Butts of Jokes

If you want to have a tie to Uncle Joe, contact me and we can work it out. Did he help your character through Harano? Did he steal your kinfolk girl friend? Did he get lost in the Umbra on a trip to somewhere you wanted to go, and instead dropped you somewhere that you needed to be?

Out of Character Information