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Player: Hannah Wallace
Name: Unimpressed
Breed: Hyaenid
Auspice: Dawn (Ahroun)
Fera: Ajaba
Rank: Adren
Weapons of Choice: Bite
Sept: Flooded Lands
Sept Position: Den Mother

Appearance: Unimpressed is a striped Hyena, and carries those marks in her Hyaenid form. In a human form, she wears her vibrant colored hair in a ponytail high upon her head. Her outfits tend to suit her mood. They can vary from all black, with chains, ripped lace, and combat boots to bright colored skirts and tank tops.

History: 1957-1961 - Born as a Hyena to an Ajaba mother and a Hyena kinfolk father. As a Hyena, she was never given a name. She was born in the wilds of Tanzania, and grew up with an understanding of the Ajaba's role as one of Gaia's children. She was never lonely, or alone, she traveled with a large clan of Hyena, Kinfolk, and Ajaba and was used to the constant company of others. Upon reaching maturity in 1959, she underwent the change and became an Ajaba.

1962-1984 - She gains her first rank, earning the name Wicked Grin. Wicked Grin was a very loud, social, and rambunctious woman that frequently got herself in over her head in challenges and fights. She slept with many Hyena Kinfolk, raised many female cubs, and cast many male cubs out to join a different clan. Wicked Grin had an ignorant confidence about her, which changed drastically in 1984. She attended the gathering in the Ngorongoro Crater, and witnessed the slaughter of her people. Many of her children, sisters, aunts, and extended family died on that day. She wanted to fight and die beside them, but was dragged out by several friends.

1985-2004 - Taking the name "She With the Scalding Stare", she devoted herself to the destruction of Black Tooth. Where she was formerly an easily amused sort, she became dedicated and fierce. She gathered and led a clan of her own, despite her rank, and her confidence and dedication earned the attention of others. When it finally came time to defeat Black Tooth, she was given leadership of her own small party, though she was one of the few survivors of that mission.

2005-2015 - She with the Scalding Stare left Africa ten months after the destruction of the Endless Storm. The heavy losses that took place there, and their inability to return to their ancestral home filled her with such grief that she found it impossible to remain without sinking into harano. While it pained her to leave her home, she felt it was for the best. She traveled to the United States, and began to journey from state to state, finding places to join in battle, meet friends, and become useful. In 2012, she challenged for the rank of Adren, and also changed her name to Unimpressed.

2011 - She with the Scalding Stare visits the Sept Gaia's Vengeance in Pine Bearings as it forms. She almost considers settling down and joining, until she learns their totem is a Lion.

2017 - Unimpressed assists her pack in cleansing a broken land and planting a Caern seed. With the weakness of the seed, and the looming dangers nearby, Unimpressed decides to finally settle down.

In her youth, known as Wicked Grin, she was an enthusiastic and vibrant woman, cheerful and full of laughter. As She with the Scalding State, she was far more serious and focused, carrying a lot of anger and pain. As Unimpressed, she has mellowed out somewhat, finding some of the joy from her youth while keeping the wisdom of her past. She is tempered, empathetic, and wise. She cares greatly for those around her, and is dedicated to protecting those in need of it. She's very social, and will never turn away company (unless it's a Simba).

Friends and Allies

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OOC Information

Ties I'm looking for:
Extended family members, particularly children, grandchildren, etc.
People/places that she may have visited
People who may have traveled with her any time between 2005-2017
Cubs that she may have fostered/instructed
Ajaba ties of any nature

Player: Hannah Wallace
Email: mira.delwyn@gmail.com
Storyteller and ST Email George Williams md.apoc.vst@gmail.com
Member Number: US2011057692
Location: Baltimore, Maryland