Untamed Vengeance

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Information Known IC by the Garou Nation

Character Details

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Deed Name: Untamed Vengeance
Tribe: Fianna
Auspice: Ahroun
Breed: Lupus
Society: Sanctum of Gaia
Title or Position: Adren, Deputy Wyrmfoe, Pack Alpha
Pack: Wyld Winds
Sept: The Sept of Storm's Shelter


Untamed Vengeance traveled from the mountains to the East and came to the mid-west by following the signs of the spirits. She is young in the Nation, having had her first change 3 years ago when was about 18 months old. Untamed has quickly risen in society despite this. She currently holds the position of Deupty Wyrmfoe, filling in for the Wyrmfoe, Chill of the Grave, when he is indisposed due to his condition, and she is the Alpha of the Wyld Winds pack.

Untamed makes no secret of her disdain for human influences in Gauru society, frequently encouraging her sept to embrace their wolf sides more and see things from the perspective the Wyld. She actively resists Weaver influences in her territory, hating it almost as much as she hates the Wyrm.

Basic Timeline

  • 2012 - Born a Lupus Cub
  • 2014 - Underwent first change
  • 2016 - Left the mountains to travel West
  • 2017 - found the newly forming Sept of Storm's Shelter and joined it's cause


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  • Untamed refuses to learn the meanings of human markings
  • She actually has quite a bit of money but doesn't realize it
  • She only owns one set of clothes
  • She's actually the wolf in the upcoming movie "Rampage" starring Dwayne Johnson

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Friends, Allies, and Others

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  • 'Force of Nature' by Miracle of Sound
  • 'The Warrior's Code' by Dropkick Murphys
  • 'She Wolf' by David Guetta
  • 'Mother Earth' by Within Temptation
  • 'Giant Woman' by Steven Universe

OOC Info

Player: Katherine Fuller
MES Number: US2010045809
Storyteller: Dennis Martin

Storyteller Email: [1]